Welcome to Grow360!

Dear Young Person,

The D day (or should I say G-day) is finally here! All the preparation, planning and praying have led us to this moment- the moment I officially welcome you to Grow360. Though I’m still single, I feel like an expectant father, pacing back and forth just outside the delivery room; eager to hear that shrill cry announcing the arrival of a new family member. As I sit to write this note to you, one question fills my heart- how do I welcome this perfect stranger to this vision?

What exactly is Grow360? Is it just another movement, driven by a bunch of idealistic youths whose enthusiasm is yet to be scorched by the ‘harsh realities of life’? Is it the product of naïve, ambitious minds seeking a slice of attention in the already overcrowded world of cyberspace? What really is Grow360?

I’ll tell you. Grow360 is a Christ-based, youth-focused vision with a mandate to reach, teach and inspire young people everywhere to live life by design and become the very best version of themselves. Our driving passion is to see the emergence of a distinct class of young folks who live the uncommon life with clarity, conviction and courage.

Our joy is to see you develop and make positive progress in EVERY facet of your life. We believe that you were not designed for partial success- excelling in one area while failing miserably in others. That’s why we’ve come with what we call the 360 Deal. It’s our way of challenging and inspiring you to let the best of you come out in every dimension- faith/spirituality, finances, career/business, the pursuit of purpose, morality, fashion and style (that’s right!), academics, friendships and relationships and so much more. But is it really possible to succeed simultaneously in e-v-e-r-y facet of your life? Yes it is! Why do I say that? Because that’s exactly how God designed life to work. He designed you for all-round success and we believe that by sticking to and working with His principles, becoming the best version of ourselves isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable.

So come along with us on this adventure. The incredible life awaits you. Aren’t you tired of trying to be like, look like, or dress like someone else? If you become just like them, what happens to you? It’s time to unveil the best you. Time to upgrade from dreams to realities, from thoughts to action and from excuses to results. It’s time to make that move from potential to performance and we at Grow360 are honoured to be the bridge that that helps you make this transition.

One of my favourite songs is Deeper by Marvin Sapp. A line from that song says “This can’t be it! God is so much bigger than this!” I believe it is time for you to take a good, long look at your life and say those words to yourself. God is sooo much bigger than this! And you are too! There’s a bigger life for you. But it’s not ‘out there’; it’s right within you. There’s a bigger life in you.

A new youth generation is rising. A God-crazy, fiery, dangerously endowed tribe of young people who are not ashamed of having an active God-connection. They know where they are going. They live a targeted life. They’re not scared to be different if that’s what it takes to become who they’re designed to be. This class of young people are moving beyond fancy words into the territory of bold actions. They’re leaving the excuses of the past behind. They know that blaming others is easy but solves nothing. So they have decided to stop looking for solutions- they’ve chosen to become the solution.

They’re invading every segment of society and professional life. From government to the corporate world, entertainment, fashion, sports, media, business and everything in-between, these change agents have graduated from protests and placards to plans and performance. Rather than groan and moan about the system, they’re infiltrating the systems and effecting changes and where the systems seem impregnable, they dare to build new systems. Their effects may go unnoticed- but not for too long. This army is unstoppable. It’s the G-Generation– a band committed to playing every last note of the song in their hearts.

Wouldn’t you love to be a part of this? This is not a movement. It’s more than that. This is a God-driven transformation and we at Grow360 are excited to invite you to get on this wave of Spirit-led change. It’s a change that’s producing an interconnected network of vibrant, upbeat, unashamedly godly generation that is taking the spirit of excellence into the dark and unruly youth culture. Think about it for a minute. What do you stand to lose by becoming the very best version of yourself?

Flight G360 is now boarding and there are still a few vacant seats. Welcome aboard!


Ikhide ‘Ik’ Asuelimen,

Leader, Grow360.


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