Meet Yemi

Great things may start with one person; but they never blossom until other like-minded people come along to partner with the visionary. Even Jesus, in all his ‘godness’ had a dozen men who worked with him. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with a special group of friends, each one met under interesting circumstances, but all bonded by firm belief in this vision and the desire for you live the G360 life and make that move from potential to performance. Each one carries a unique passion to see you become the very best version of yourself in specific areas. Today, I’m delighted to introduce one of my dear friends and partner to you. Meet Yemi- a very special member of the Grow360 team. Over to you Yemi.





(Yemi takes over)

Thanks Ik.

Like many starting points, my dilemma at the start of this piece was where to start. What point would strike the right note and begin a symphony? Then I remembered the old counsel “start from where you are”. That is what I have done and that is what we, the Grow360 team, are doing. You are welcome to join us from where you are regardless of where that is. Welcome aboard this flight that picks you from where you are!

I would be contributing mainly short fiction; stories of men and stories similar to those of men, absurd stories, funny stories, sad stories, joyous stories.  Just like we vary in faces and experiences, so do our stories vary and fiction here would mirror such variance. Don’t expect cliché stories overly geared towards communicating a moral but still, expect to learn and unlearn.

Welcome aboard!  Don’t forget our destination- The very best  version of yourself.





P.S: Don’t be fooled by his modest introduction. This guy has an amazing knack for writing witty and engaging stories. See for yourself at – Ik.


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