G-Style 101: Welcome to Class!

“I wish I had her wardrobe!”… “I want her hair!” “Oh God! Why can’t I be perfect like him?” “Those shoes must be mine!”



When I was asked to handle this column, I got very excited. Why? God and style are two things (actually one person and one thing) I am super-passionate about and I believe this will serve as a platform to share the little I know about both with you. I count it a great privilege to be here.

Okay, so down to the matter.

For anyone who took a course in Psychology, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Maslow’s hierarchy of need. According to him, our most basic needs (in decreasing order of priority) are food, shelter and clothing. While agreeing with him a 100 per cent, I would say clothing (fashion) has gone beyond being just a ‘basic’ need. In this age, Fashion has become a movement. Today’s trend is tomorrow’s trash and keeping up with fads could be a full time job as far as I am concerned. The fashion industry isn’t a multibillion dollar industry for nothing!

As exciting as new trends and fads are, I discovered that it is really easy to get lost in the quest to acquire the hottest trends and end up dressing/looking just like everyone else when God actually made each and every one of us to stand out! Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to try out new things and get out of your comfort zone but it’s important to remember that even the bible instructs that moderation be applied in all things.

This, I believe, is where style comes in. a person with style is one who doesn’t need to follow the trends/fads to look great and feel confident. It comes from something deeper- a true knowledge of who you are and what you carry. Discovering your style is an amazingly exciting journey I must say!

While fashion is focused on what is popular during a time, style is personal…period! It’s an expression of you (who God made you to be) at any point in time. I love to put it this way, Fashion is merely a means to an end while Style is the end in itself. While conducting “style studies”, I noticed that most great people of all time had a certain style that set them apart from the others. This list includes people from diverse backgrounds and vocations e.g. Jackie Onassis Kennedy (Popularly called Jackie O), Audrey Hepburn, E.A. Adeboye and many others. Don’t you think it’s time YOU also discovered your personal style- one that stays true to who you really are?

So join me on this journey of style discovery as we learn the ropes and boldly thread the path to discovering personal style, the whats, hows , wheres and whens…lol.

That’s it for now my lovelies, till next time!




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