The Best Life

I have a personal rule: when a subject is repeated often, it could only be for one of two reasons- either there’s nothing else to say or the speaker want me to really grab the importance of what they’re sharing. As I’ve gone through various materials on what it takes to live a truly satisfying life, what I call The Best Life, one word keeps popping up. It’s so common these days to hear people use this word but I wonder how many of us understand and live by it. What word am I referring to? It’s that all-too-common six-letter word- V-I-S-I-O-N. Vision.

Honestly, there was a time I got bored with this word because it was just all over the place. Everywhere I turned, someone was talking about vision- in books, audios, videos, online and offline. Part of my exhaustion came from my belief that I already knew what vision really means. I bet you’ve heard many things on vision too. Probably you’re just like me; fed up with the clichés and repetitions. “What else does he want to write that I’ve not already read?” you’re probably thinking. In fairness to you, I totally relate with that thoughtline. But just hold on a minute. Before you assume just exactly how this will go, why don’t you read a few more lines and maybe, just maybe, you’d find something that would make a fresh and personal meaning to you? Are you willing to give this a try? Ok then, let the adventure begin. Happy reading!

Qualitative Growth

A few months ago, I met a young lady. This 23 year old gorgeous beauty had smooth, dark skin, pretty, soft eyes and a nice figure. Her smile was incredibly charming and I was particularly pleased with the attractive aura of friendliness she exuded when we spoke. Before you think too far ahead, did I mention that I met her during one of our neighbourhood evangelism outreach programs? There. Hope your thoughts have been properly adjusted. We got talking and we got into the subject of vision and purpose. I’m sometimes a very ‘direct’ person (my friends prefer to say ‘blunt’…but don’t mind them…lol) so I asked her a pointed question.

Tola (not her real name), do you know EXACTLY why you’re on earth at this time?

She paused; immersed in thought. She waited for about a minute. Then smiled uncomfortably, as her head bowed over. No words left her lips. I pressed in a bit more but there was no reply, at least not verbally. But her countenance said it all- her answer was a resounding “No”.

The sad reality is that there are millions just like Tola today- good-looking, fashionable, intelligent young adults who have a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y no clue about their life assignment (vision). Maybe you know someone like that. Maybe you are just like my friend, Tola.

When I think about it, I better understand why more and more materials are being produced on the subject of vision and life assignments. Many know about it but only few know it. The desperate quest for survival and the harsh realities of the unfriendly environment have made the subject of vision and the discovery of their life assignment a secondary issue to many young people. Such topics are only dug up at the next motivational youth event and swept under the bed immediately after as the relentless hustle to ‘make it’ marches on. But does it have to be this way? Must we continue like this? I don’t think so.

(I’ll pause here. Remember to login tomorrow for the continuation of this post. Until then, I’d like you to do just one thing. Put yourself in Tola’s place and answer that question: Do you know E-X-A-C-T-L-Y why you’re on earth at this very minute?)

 No Worries_001_001_001

Thank you for reading through this. Let’s do this again pretty soon, shall we? Look out for the notifications as we build on this. Meanwhile, think about what you’ve read so far and share your reactions, comments or questions (if the site requests for your email, please type it in- it’s totally safe). I’m always excited to hear from you. You can also visit other G360 Categories for enriching insights on finance, career, personal style, life in general and our riveting storyboard. Keep Growing.


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