Welcome to August!


Isn’t it amazing that seven months have already rolled by in 2013? I mean I still vividly recall New Year’s eve and those first few moments of the new year- the hopes, the prophecies, the screaming, the phone calls and innumerable hugs and handshakes, even from total strangers. And now, just like a dream, the eighth month is right here with us.

august 2013

Hope your 2013 experience has been great so far. I believe at least some of your dreams have come true. If that’s the case, well I say congratulations, and if yours seems otherwise, not to worry. The number 8 is said to represent a new beginning. I’m sure it’ll turn out to be so for you.

In this special month (that’s what the word ‘august’ literally means-special), the Grow360 team will be focusing on what is probably the most indispensable ingredient in our quest as young people to make the very best out of our lives. That ingredient is a Visionary Perspective to Living. All through the 31 days and nights of this special month, we will, as God helps us, be dissecting the subject of visionary living and how it plays out on every (and we really do mean e-v-e-r-y) facet of our lives.

I remember a story my father told me in my pre-teen years. In the story, a group of men, all blind from birth, were sent to examine an elephant and report back with their findings. Of course, none of them had ever seen an elephant so the expedition sounded interesting. Although they could not actually see the elephant, they were confident that their highly developed sense of touch and vivid imagination would compensate and at least give them the joy of having ‘seen’ the largest land mammal.

However, when they returned to report their findings, a boisterous argument broke out. The blind man that felt the side of the elephant described it as being bigger than a house. He was promptly labeled a liar by another man who had felt the elephant’s tail. “That animal is just the size of a rather thick rope!” he blurted. Yet another man disagreed with the first two reporters. According to him, the elephant was as hard as stone and very smooth. Of course, he had touched the elephant’s ivory tusk. Still another blind man argued that the elephant was quite soft and flexible. This fourth man had been caressed by the elephant’s trunk.

Back and forth they argued. Angry words flew swiftly and what started out as a promising adventure ended in animosity and total chaos.

But it didn’t have to end that way. They were all accurate in their report. Yes the elephant was big, but it was also quite small. It was as hard as stone but it was also as flexible as rubber. Each man was correct. The problem was that each one touched a different PART of the animal and assumed it to be the WHOLE.

As we investigate the subject of visionary living all through this month, we begin with this story in mind. Therefore, we’re poised to examine this rich subject from diverse angles, knowing that mistaking a part for the whole will lead to a myopic understanding and grave error.

So we welcome you to join us on this August journey-it’s special for two reasons- we’ve never embarked on it before and we’ve never done this with you. We invite you to take a seat on this adventure shuttle. Join us in exploring the many interesting sides of visionary living and how it affects YOU on a DAILY basis. From discussions on our faith, finances, career and business, fashion, life and everything in-between, it sure promises to be a loaded month. And it would get so much better as you share your thoughts, comments, experiences or questions with us.

I’m excited on what awaits you in the coming days and weeks. I anticipate that you’ll find your connection with Grow360 well worth every megabyte invested. Get ready to grow- all round!

Flight AUG13 is now boarding and our destination is the land of visionary living- where the best of life as designed by God awaits all.

Welcome aboard!


For The Grow360 Team


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