The Best Life (Part 2)

Welcome back Dear friend, I’m delighted you made it. Did you answer the question at the end of Part 1? If you haven’t, please click here to get it.

Today, I’m taking a different route. I’ve decided that instead of writing about what vision is, I’d rather highlight what it is NOT. Hopefully the contrast will provide some clarity and deeper understanding.


What Vision is NOT.

#1: Vision is not Ambition.

ambitionAmbitions are what we want to do and accomplish. Vision is what we’re made or designed to be. Please note the subtle but important difference. Ambition focuses on DOING and ACHIEVING. Vision focuses on BEING. Ambition is all about what we want but vision is about who we’re designed to be.

Isn’t it interesting that the very first word God ever spoke to man (in Genesis 1:28) was that tiny two-letter word “Be”? There’s a reason for that (I’ll expand that thought in a future article). Ambition is good and it can provide incredible degrees of success by human standards; but it doesn’t match up to the dividends of vision and should never be mistaken for it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s okay to live as an N.F.A (no future ambition). Far from it. My point is, although ambition may be good, it is just that- good. The very BEST of our lives can only be unveiled when all our ambitions are placed beneath our God-designed vision.


#2: Vision is not a Reaction.

rxn 1

So you’re fed up with the sorry state of affairs around you. You feel the urge to do something about it. A dangerous mixture of anger and enthusiasm is boiling over within. So you come up with a fantastic idea and set out to ‘change the world and make it a better place’. You mobilize and organize resources, human and material and voila, a movement is ignited! That is NOT the same as vision. Vision is not received SOLELY on the basis of our emotional responses to events around us. It is more than just a good idea. Though all genuine visions are geared towards creating positive change, they are not born by human emotions. They come from a deeper place.


#3: It is not a Profession.

prof 2

This I feel is the most insidious misconception of vision- and it is the most popular sentiment too! I always find it interesting whenever I observe the subject of vision being discussed, especially among young people. Nine times out of ten, the conversation veers away from vision to career choices. So you ask a youth, “what is your vision?” and he or she responds “oh, to be a medical doctor”, or a pastor, or an entrepreneur or something else.

Most times when kids are asked what they’d like to BE in future, their answer is usually focused on what they’d like to DO. That perspective follows us into adolescence and eventually, adulthood. The result? We mistake our profession for vision and spend more time deciding what courses to study (at all levels) than we do in finding out who we were designed to be. And by the time we graduate, we pick up jobs that fill our bank accounts (either fully or halfway) but leave us empty within. Yes we make a living but whenever we come across the subject of vision, ‘something’ inside beeps as if it were saying you know this isn’t where you should be.

I personally prefer to use the word ‘life assignment’ (does that still count as one word?) because I feel it better describes the concept. Somewhere along the way (thanks to ‘motivational speakers’), the word ‘vision’ became a synonym for ‘goals’ and targets. Look at it this way. Every manufacturer first decides what his/her product is supposed to do BEFORE it is made. That’s even going too far already. Let’s bring it closer to home. How many times have you embarked on a long trip and mentally saw yourself at your destination even before you started the journey? You’ve probably even imagined how you’ll be received (especially if you’ve been away for some time).

Now how come you’re able to do that? Where did that ability to see the end before the beginning come from? That’s right. It came from your creator. When you saw your loved ones joyfully screaming at your arrival even before you moved, you proved that you possess some divine attributes. That ability came directly from God.

Let’s get back to Life Assignments. Do you know yours? I’m not talking about a career choice or the foundations/charities you hope to set up some day. Those may be means- but they are not the end. They may be the HOW but they are not the WHAT. Now you can better understand why there’s so much career dissatisfaction among workers today-many are earning paycheques but the withdrawals being made on their soul has kept them effectively bankrupt within. Why? Because too many are focused on the ‘how’ (What course should I study? What career should I pursue?) and totally ignore the ‘why’ (Why am I on  earth at this time? What am I designed to be?).

Dear friend, every product is designed for a specific assignment. You are too. You are God’s product; and He DOES have a life assignment for you. It DOESN’T have to cliché- going into pastoral/missionary ministry, starting a movement, running an NGO/charity of foundation or any such related activity. It can be unique-as unique as you.

Life assignments are as many as there are people on the earth. That’s one thing God gave to every human prior to their birth. Everyone has got one. Do you know yours? There’s a way of living. Many are in search of it but cannot really describe what they’re searching for (read more on this in Searching For Me).

There’s a way of living. It’s called The Best Life. It’s a life of zero anxiety; the life with 100% fulfillment and peace. Many want to live this life. They hunt for it every day. But they don’t know how to get it. So they grow weary. And settle for far less than God’s intention for their lives. There’s an incredible life available to you. If you can just get it, you’d experience such dramatic changes it’d seem you’re living in a different world. And you will- you WILL be living in a different world! Because the best life has only one access route- the decision and commitment to live in perfect alignment with your Life Assignment. The Best Life is the Vision-driven Life.

Are you living YOUR best life?



No Worries_001_001_001

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