If Only God Understands


Many times in life, we think that God is unaware of the challenges life tirelessly throws at us. We even find ourselves justifying why we fail him the way we do. We begin to wish he understand.

Psalm 103:14 shows He understands each of us and our peculiarities.

“For He knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust

 Let us consider a few characters in the bible and see if God really understands us or not. Look at Moses. God gave him the deliverance mandate of the Jews. He gave God an excuse about his speech impediment and God said “I will be your mouth”.

You’d have thought that alone was enough assurance but oh no, not with Moses. He, being human (just like the rest of us), was not totally convinced so God said “I will send Aaron with you”. That meant Moses didn’t have to do much talking because Aaron had been delegated to do that. But something interesting happened when they eventually got to pharaoh’s palace. The bible recorded that Moses was the one who did virtually all the talking!

God kept his promise by helping Moses speak but not before convincing him beyond every human doubt.

How about Samuel? He was a prophet who was offered to the service of God by His mother before his birth. He started hearing from God at a very young age. When Samuel grew up, he was the one God sent to anoint Saul as the first king of Israel. When Saul disobeyed God, it was Samuel who was sent to tell him that the kingdom had been taken from him and handed to another. In that instance, Samuel was a brave prophet. He looked Saul in the face and delivered the unpleasant verdict.

Now when the time came for the prophecy to be fulfilled, God told Samuel “arise, go to the house of Jesse, there I will choose a king”. Suddenly, the tough, daring prophet developed cold feet. It instantly dawned on him that the king was indeed powerful. He asked God what would become of him if Saul heard of it. If Saul met him on the way, what exactly would he tell Saul he was going to do?

Before reading further, please check out Psalm 103:14 again. Samuel was indeed God’s chosen prophet but he was 100% human nonetheless. The Lord knew this so he devised an escape route for dear ol’ Sammy. He told him to go with an animal. If Saul queried him on the way, he should tell the king he was going to make a sacrifice.

If God understood the human nature of his prophet, his anointed, then we can be sure he understands us even much more. He understands why we act the way we do.

Look at Peter. Despite his zeal, he failed quite a couple of times. When Jesus walked on water towards his disciples, Peter was the only one who dared to ask for an invite. Amazingly, he too began to walk on water- until his human nature set in. Suddenly, Peter realized that he was not sinking! Imagine how he must have felt to see himself walking on water. At that point, the miracle stopped. He began to sink and fearfully cried out “Master, save me!” Isn’t this rather strange when we remember that Peter was a fisherman with years of swimming experience (which he proved later in John 21:7). The funny things our human nature make us do!

But the Master didn’t consider that at all in this desperate scenario. He reached out and saved him. Jesus didn’t leave him to suffer the consequence of his unbelief. He simply asked him, “oh thou of little faith, why did you doubt?” It was a rhetorical question. Jesus clearly understood why Peter doubted so the latter needed not to defend himself.

I could go on and mention others such as Elijah and Abraham but I’m sure you get the picture. While God expects us to steadily grow out of our ‘weaknesses’, He totally understands that maturity is a journey and what’s most important is that we keep making progress towards His perfect portrait of ourselves. So even as you make the journey towards becoming the very best version of yourselves, do it with the joy and unshakeable confidence that your heavenly Father can relate with your present status in the growth process- and He is, and will always, be rooting for you.

Once again dear friend, God understands you.

Keep growing,





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