G-Style: ‘Fashion’ & ‘Vision’? What’s the connection?


Hi there Fashionista,

It’s such a joy to be here again! Can you believe August is here already? A friend and I were recently discussing the significance of the month and he pointed out that the word ‘August’ has six letters, same as ‘Vision’. I once heard a quote by Dr. Myles Munroe that “The poorest person in the world is one without a dream/vision”.

Talking about vision, I think this is a term quite a number of people have a pretty hazy understanding of. Simply put, it’s a glimpse of the future that God has purposed for you. As a young person who is very passionate about both business and fashion, I usually meet people with similar interests, and I can tell they are also passionate about fashion but usually can’t seem to put some direction to how they would like to channel all that creative energy.

To this effect, over the period of this month, I’ll be showing you the link between ‘vision’ and ‘fashion/style’. They seem quite far apart, don’t they? But that’s not how it is in reality because your unique vision can be expressed in unique ways. And for those who sense that the fashion industry is your homezone for the expression of your life assignment, I’ll be touching on how to kick start a career in the fashion industry and the very many aspects to it.


Hearing this, the first thing that comes to mind is a career in fashion design but there is so much more to the fashion industry than fashion design! The fashion industry has creativity at one end and business/sales at the other end and in between them lay numerous career opportunities for the fashion/art/business lover. Generally, careers in fashion include fashion design, product management, fashion merchandising, fashion buying, fashion marketing, fashion photography, fashion journalism, fashion research, fashion styling, fashion education, modeling, amongst many others.

The fashion industry first developed in Europe and America, today it is a highly globalized and industry with clothes designed in one continent, manufactured in another and sold in the next! So in this first episode, I would start by skimming through the some career opportunities embedded in the fashion design section and next episode how you can kick start your career in this area. Before I proceed, I must say, without a doubt, working in fashion is exciting and glamourous but it also takes hard work and extreme dedication.

The structure of the fashion industry is centered on the designers, as there will be no fashion industry without them. Everything else like models, modeling agencies, tailors, fashion photographers, fashion schools, fashion illustrators, fashion retailers, fashion magazines are built around them. Some core careers in fashion design include fashion illustration, textile design, pattern making and grading, cutters, tailoring, spec and fit technicians, specialty design, trend researchers to say the least. I guess you are beginning to see that it’s all so much more than ‘cutting and sewing’. It’s quite a deep and wide industry; but not to worry, there’s a perfect spot for you- if this is your thing.


You are probably wondering, how do I know if a career in fashion design is for me? Consider these questions:

  • Do you have a flair for creative things, art or style?
  • Have you always had a strong interest in what you wear and in designing your own clothing, shoes, and accessories?
  • Have you prayed about it? (Yes, it’s important that you do!)
  • Do you love helping others make choices about what they wear and how to match their accessories to help them look great?
  • Would you work in fashion if all you financial needs were already met?
  • Do you see yourself working in fashion in the next five-ten years?

If you answer these questions and they all result in the affirmative (or point towards fashion) then yes! It might just be a pointer to where you are meant to be. But then, it’s just a ‘might’. Next time we would be talking more on this…


Till then, keep it stylish!



Jade G360


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