G-Faith: The Best Life (Part 3)


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Our youthful years are some of the most interesting times of our lives. It’s a time of boundless opportunities and countless options. There’s just sooo much we can do as young people! It’s exciting. Different pathways beckon, each promising the very best of life. Sometimes, it gets so complicated that our problem is no longer not knowing what to do but having too many things we can do!

As exciting as this phase is, we slowly but inevitably grow older and move on. But the choices we make and the decisions we take at this special time, in most cases tend to cast a very big shadow over the rest of our lives.

Have you ever heard an older person express regret over something they did or failed to do when they were younger? I know I have. And I can tell you it’s not a pleasant thing to witness. I get so uncomfortable when I hear these fifty-something year olds express regret over how they used up their teenage/ early adult years.

Every time I walk away from such encounters, I find a new strength, a new resolve to make the very best of this season of my life. In their words of regret and pain, I find new determination to never let my life become a string of shouldas, wouldas and couldas. I vow to myself to live out the full extent of my dreams and passions and never for once have to look back in my later years and ask myself “what would have happened if I had dared to pursue so and so vision?

I’m sure you don’t want to want to spend the twilight of your existence moaning over your unfulfilled potentials. I’m sure you don’t want to look back with regret like so many older folks are doing today. If there’s a way that guarantees that you’d make the very best use of your life and become the very best version of yourself, I’m positive you’d love to find out what it is.

Thankfully, there is such a way! A road map, that ABSOLUTELY guarantees a life with not just zero regrets, but zero reasons to even regret. What is this route? What is the pathway to what I call the Best Life? It’s simple. I bet you’ve heard it before. It’s VISION. Yes young person, the ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED, ZERO-REASONS-TO-REGRET-LATER path in life is the Visionary Life.

In my last two entries, The Best Life Part 1 and 2, I explained what vision is NOT and I hope the contrast provided some clarity.

Read “The Best Life” Part 1 and Part 2

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Today, I’ll be building on that to share simple ways to spot your life assignment out of the myriad of options screaming for your attention. I’ll be sharing a few simple tips that will help you know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY what God designed you to be and do. The truth is there are very few young people around today who are 100% clear about their life assignment. Are you one of the few? Are you 100% sure of why you’re on earth right this minute? If not, would you like to get that assurance? Then read on.

Here’s how to know.

#1. Ask your Creator.

This step is so simple yet so profound, it’s surprising that many more people don’t practice it. Let me give an example. If your mobile device suddenly stopped functioning, where would you take it to? The answer is so obvious that the question seems almost stupid- you’d take it to a phone repair shop of course. Now why didn’t you take it somewhere else? Because that’s where  phone issues are resolved. Let’s import this into our lives, shall we?

Who better to take your life to than the very designer of life itself? Why struggle (unsuccessfully) with trying to unravel your life assignment when the designer is just so close to you? I don’t know about you but I don’t find it smart to struggle when there’s a simpler way to get something done- especially when that simpler way works better.

I sense that many young people already know this truth; but they are afraid to act on it. That’s right, I said it. Many young people are scared of asking God about their life assignment because they are afraid that they wouldn’t really like His response. They’re scared that it would take the ‘groove’ out of being young- that it would squeeze the fun out of this special season.

Why? I guess it’s because we somehow instinctively know that stepping up to our life assignment WILL DEMAND that we let go of certain things that we presently enjoy. I was like that too. I was scared to ask God about my life assignment because, frankly, I thought his response would be a particular field I absolutely dreaded! It may sound funny but it’s true- I was so sure of what I thought would be His response that I consciously avoided asking Him directly for years! Thank God I’ve passed that phase now. I can say with all humility that I know my life assignment. I want you to know yours too. And the first and most effective way is to simply ask.

When we read Matthew7:7, somehow years of traditional interpretation have made us turn that verse to a wish list for only material blessings. But it’s so much more than that! I totally believe that there is no prayer that God is more eager to answer than when we ask Him about our life assignment. Know why? Because that knowledge is the basis for our final assessment when we stand before Him after our time on earth. He’s not going to just ask what we did, He’ll focus more on whether we did what we were supposed to do- whether or not we located, pursued and completed our life assignments. That will be HIS main question. He has made it so easy for us by giving out the test question before the day of reckoning. Isn’t it smart that we start finding the answer to that question right now? Why wait any longer? Give me one good reason for hesitating. There’s none.

Go ahead friend. Don’t be scared. Ask Him. Today.

Watch out for the concluding part of this article. Until then, keep growing!


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