G-Finance: Financial Visionaires


Why does God want you and me living in financial fulfillment? Let’s start with this basic question. Why is He interested in our financial well-being? One primary reason I feel is that everyone connected to God is expected to be a channel, distributing wealth to many. Borrowing an excerpt from Bishop David Oyedepo, you become a true millionaire when you touch a million lives; not when you have millions stacked in your account. But let’s face the truth: it’s kind of hard to touch a million lives with a flat wallet or a crimson-red bank account. As we examine the different facets of visionary living this month, how does this relate to your financial state as a young person? Where’s the connection between vision and finances?

I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health as thy soul prospers

This is God’s own standard for every living soul. Can you see how this statement PERSONALLY relates to you?

God desires your prosperity. Can you see that? That’s where it starts from. It starts within you. It takes a sound financial vision to enjoy God’s desired prosperity. We already know God’s financial vision for you. It’s clearly stated in that verse above. But do YOU know it? And beyond knowing, do you know how to access it?

When you think about your financial abundance, how do you see it coming in? Have you imagined ‘strange favours’ from well-to-do relatives, a high-paying job or a ‘miracle’ like winning the lottery?

Those events might actually occur, buy we’re not banking on them because there’s a much more reliable route. The only currency in the world that never suffers deflation, inflation or any other form of economic fluctuation is updated information. Yes it’s true- your head (what you know- and I’m not referring to academic knowledge here) can put you ahead and give you a head-start on your journey towards financial abundance.

Financial giants, and I mean those who became wealthy through honest effort, refer to this intangible resource (updated information) as the legal tender that that cut across barriers and is limitless. It may seem harsh or simplistic, but the rich sure knows something that the poor doesn’t know (yet).

Economic situations constantly bow to those who have the secret, who can nurture the seeds in this found secret to rule over the scope of the world they envision in their minds.

An example from the story of Joseph, he had information of what was about to happen in Egypt, applied the secret in this information and was able to transform Egypt to a world supplier when the world was in pain of scarcity! Friends, are you still speaking in tongues when you should be out there gathering and planting new ideas or running around with depression when you should be fellowshipping with your maker?

Life moves in times and seasons. In the same manner, when your information is outdated, you’re bound to experience loss of resources as valuables will always flow to the (currently) informed. Fela Durotoye once remarked that you pay for what you don’t know and you’re paid for what you know. Little wonder money is also called currency– it moves towards the most current folks. If you stay current, updated and on the edge of things, it’s possible to maintain and even increase your financial resources even in unfavourable economic conditions just like Joseph did in Egypt.

One simple, yet frequently overlooked trait of financial visionaries- those who are able to see the potential abundance in seemingly meagre amounts- is their acute understanding of the principle of compounding. Yes I know you came across this word in school and probably did a few calculations on it. But have you ever stopped to consider how this phenomenon plays out in real life? How does a small amount grow into millions and possibly billions in the space of a few years? It’s through the amazing power of compounding-where money grows itself in strange proportions by just a few right steps maintained in the right direction.

One thing that has intrigued me about the nature of money is its’ remarkable ability to grow and multiply when placed in the right environment. Financial visionaries understand this secretAny resource that’s not big enough to be enjoyed as a harvest, should be converted into a seed and replanted. This I feel is one reason why many of us as young people continue to live in financial servitude instead of plotting our way out of scarcity into super-abundance. For many young people, what is in their hand is too small to do anything- except spend of course. We keep waiting for the big amounts to show up while ignoring the seeming tiny financial seeds that trickle in every single day.

Growing Plant on Road

Friends, I believe that it’s time for us to train ourselves to see the potential in the tiny seeds scattered all around us today. Most great businesses the world over started out with unbelievably meagre amounts but in the hands of a financial visionaire- someone who saw beyond the present, those tiny start-ups have become institutions like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Coscharis, FedEx, Mara Group, and so many others today.

What is that so-called tiny financial seed that you are not thinking twice about right now? Could that be the very seed that sets you off on the path to financial freedom? Is it possible that you (yes you) could take advantage of the incredible power locked up in the simple principle of compounding? Don’t you think it’s time to stop giving excuses and simply move forward inspite of the negative environment or harsh economic conditions? What will standing still and complaining achieve for you? How will bemoaning the prevailing economic circumstances help move you from where you are financially to where you want to be?

Yes I know there’s somewhere you want to get to. But you cannot start from there. You have to start from where you are right now. Every one that has become great started small- without fanfare, without the glamour. They started out in the back alleys and worked their way up. Many started with almost nothing- but they had a vision- they saw the possibility of mega tomorrows in their small todays.

So why not you? And why not me also? Remember the scriptural counsel not to despise the days of small beginnings and the assurance that though we may start small, if we do the right things, increase is a certainty.

If you think about it, where else do you really have to start from than where you are now? The only time you ever truly have to start is ‘now’. If you wait till tomorrow, by then it’d have become ‘now’. So why are you still waiting?

It’s time to think real, to picture money as a possibility that has the tendency to grow bigger than what it looks now. It’s time for us to become financial visionaries!

If you have read this far, let me encourage you to gather updated information, apply what you know without delay, and never hate or be afraid to start with what you have with a passion to grow those tiny seeds into a forest!

In summary, the only way to have an edge is to live on the edge. Stay current in this season in time, start from where you are, keep your eyes on tomorrow while your hands are on today and never stop planting the seed of greatness. It’s in you!

To your abundance,


Femi G360


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