G-Faith: The Best Life (Part 3b)

Hello Friends,

It feels good to see you again. So how’s your life? I believe you’re making tangible progress in all areas. Today, I’ll be building on what we talked about the last time and that is how to know your Life Assignment with absolute certainty.

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#2: Examine your Passions.

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As humans, we’re more than blood, brain and bones. God wired us with an incredible software that can point us towards our life assignment- our passions.

One of the basic things I know about God is that He is intentional about EVERYTHING He does. There’s a reason for every teeny tiny thing He does. That includes the passions He placed in each one of us. We’re all bundles of unique features. There are no two people, dead or alive with exactly the same finger prints, retina or even voice signature. Every one of us is as unique as ourselves. So it is with our passions- God gave them to us uniquely.

And since He always has a reason for everything He does, our passions- the things that move our heart have a specific purpose- to point us towards what we should invest our lives into. Do you know why God gave us passions? It’s because He never designed life to be drab and boring. He designed us to live EVERY SINGLE DAY with zest and enthusiasm. He designed us to live like Him- and I don’t think God has had a boring day yet.

He gave us those passions as fuel to propel us in our pursuit of our life assignment. Our passions are meant to keep us living lives free of purposelessness and boredom. So check out your passions- what are you innately enthusiastic about? In the deepest parts of your heart, what do you sense a strong affinity for? That internal pull you sense is a pointer towards your life assignment. How do I know? Because God will NEVER give you a life assignment that you have no innate passion for! It may not always seem so at first, but the passion for your life assignment is right inside you.

Take note also that I used the plural form of the word-passions. You may have several but one unique feature is that if you’ll ask God for wisdom, He WILL show you exactly how each of your passions fit into your life assignment- no matter how unrelated they may seem on the surface.

#3: Understand your Giftings.

A popular song I know Who I Am by Sinach expresses this truth beautifully. A line of that song says “all I require for life, God has given me”. I’ve heard this song many times over but not too long ago, this particular line caught my attention. It resonated within me and I held it still in my thoughts while the rest of the song played on. Think about the depth of that statement. God is the Master craftsman- He designed you and me with the core materials for our meaningful existence and successful living.

There are certain abilities that God has coded into your system that point towards your life assignment. They may not be 100% polished right now, but they are in there- and you can tell what they are if you look carefully.  There are some things that you can do that are signals to what you were designed to be and do on earth.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you’d not need external input-far from it. But what I’m saying is this- the raw materials for your life assignment were prepackaged inside you before birth and all you need to do now is harness them by skillfully applying the relevant external input.

Take the orange seed for instance. Within that seed is another orange tree, hundreds of oranges and several thousand more orange seeds. But for the latent ability of that seed to become reality, it needs the external input of the soil, water and sunlight. If the orange seed decides to despise the input of the soil, water and sunlight, it will never fulfill its’ life assignment- which is to produce more orange trees and fruits.

These three tips I’ve shared with you will unlock your life assignment and bring you the experience of something that’s sooo rare these days- the indescribable joy, peace and certainty about the future that comes with knowing and pursuing your life assignment.

There’s one more thing I feel I must tell you. Out of these three tips, asking God remains the NUMBER ONE means of knowing your life assignment. This is important because as humans, we are prone to error. We may misinterpret our passions and skills and come to sincere but wrong conclusions based on our infinitely limited understanding. When we ask Him, His wisdom comes into our hearts and shows us how to channel our passions and giftings appropriately in the pursuit of HIS will for our lives. Above all, in whatever you do, let the peace of God rule in your heart (spirit) and mind.

Live the Best Life.


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I’m always happy to hear from you. please leave a comment on how this, or any other G360 article has helped you.


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