(Just Over Broke) Borders

The idea of securing paid employment in this part of the world has turned a brand among the teeming youth population of today. Those without job placements feel empty and incomplete. This piercing feeling is a result of belief in paid employment as the easiest legitimate means of meeting a person’s basic and immediate needs. The holy books pronounce anyone living idly as a person who is vulnerable to varying types and degrees of manipulation. A Job is an essential ingredient or machinery of advancement to those who are of the winning mind-set. Is it wrong to get a job? Definitely not, jobs at all points are vehicles whose directions are determined by the powerful you at the steering position. Remember, a job makes no man except you see yourself as a map handler heading towards a planned destination.

There has been a lot of misconception by young people that a job will solve all financial problems. Many have failed to understand the fact that the riskless attachment of earning a token in form of salary is another form of modern slavery, as it leaves the richest deposit of unquantifiable wealth (the brain and the mind) to lay fallow. Remember the best soil left uncultivated will remain the breeding place of the toughest weeds. If you are thinking what I am thinking though, these weeds are tough poverty conditions living on their owners like the stubborn tumour of a cancerous cell!

JOB is an acronym (just over broke) not because it is wrong to find one, but because it undermines a lot of creative individuals who end up losing  the zeal of their creativity to the comfort zone of being always on the receiving side, with lesser concern for how things work. The concept of starting out as an employee is not targeted at making anyone look foolish but to sense a deeper calling to doing more in creation ,than being a continuous recipient of another fellows creative actions .Remember, no matter how good your salary is, your employer is still your king. It won’t be wrong to make you know that job owners or creators most times think of their employees as tools that they have acquired to work their own dreams to reality. Your job continuity or terminations mostly lie in the hands of a man who initiated the success train on which you are taking a cruise. Any person who sees a job as an end instead of a means to an end has already enrolled in another school of slavery. Here is an advice from Brian Tracy, no matter who signs your pay check; you must always see yourself as an employer. Every job pays for your sustenance only, except for a selected few that pay base on the rarity of skills you possess. Good pay is only negotiated for those whose competences are hard to find. Noted? Ok. Putting confidence in an uncertain future surrounding most jobs is like chewing with a sore tooth .So take note and be wise!

To be continued…



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