G-Finance: ‘Excusitis’

“It’s easier to move from failure to success than from excuses to success” 

-John C. Maxwell

Everyone (well, almost everyone) wants to be rich. Regardless of our personal definitions of wealth, there’s no dispute that each individual desires to live a financially fulfilled life. To attain this desire, however, will require more than wishing. It’ll take discipline- the ability to give or accept no excuses for failure. In this challenging  piece, G- Finance columnist, Femi Koyi ruthlessly attacks our most beloved excuses and shows us that there’s really no acceptable excuse for a financially mediocre existence- Ik.

Over to you, Femi.

excuse pix

Thanks Ik.

Hello friends,

It is true that every man loves the sound of surplus. Everyone wants to be ‘up there’. I’m sure you want that too. But as we all know, life has a way of upsetting our ideals; compelling us to face hard, cold realities. The question is, in the face of the challenges, how do we respond? Do we shrink back with excuses, or boldly advance towards our desires?

I have a question for you today: what is really holding you back from realizing your financial dreams? Is it the economy? the government? lack of ‘connections’? no capital? what really is holding you back?

‘Excusitis’ is a mind condition that makes people see the wrong side of everything even in the midst of opportunities. There are some popular excuses that have chained many from moving towards their dreams. See if you can relate with any of these.


“Let no man despise thy youth…” 1st Timothy 4:12

age pix

”I am too old for that opportunity” or “I’m too young to dare that idea; maybe when I’m a bit ‘more mature’”. Your age can never be your handicap without your consent. Abraham started at 75 and David broke out at 17. Both men made their impact- but when would you rather begin- in your seventies or in your teens/twenties?



Not Smart enough

“…but we have the mind of Christ” 1st Cor. 2:16


“I can’t learn how to do that”, “Only a genius could come with such an idea!”. What a blatant lie! Every human possesses a super-computer neatly lodged between our ears. Someone once remarked that “God does not make junk”. You’re smart enough to learn whatever is needed to unlock your financial fortunes.



Lack of Opportunities

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” Psalms 24:1


This, I believe is principally an attitude problem. Israel’s army saw Goliath as too big to kill; David saw him as being too big to miss! It’s all a matter of perspective. Opportunities are not seen with the eyes, they are seen with the mind. A mind with the right perspective will see opportunities where others see nothing. There are opportunities all around you- even right now. A dream is like a fish. A big fish (dream) on the floor (wrong perspective)will struggle and choke to death while a small fish (dream) will dazzle with blinding speed in water (right mindset). Give yourself a chance by adopting the mindset of abundant opportunities. Look around you. Is there ANY challenge at all? That’s your opportunity. Now go use it!



No Capital

“The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the Lord of hosts” Haggai 2:8

naira capital

Ask the average aspiring entrepreneur his/her greatest challenge and I can almost bet that this would be either his first or second response. But can I shock you? The cry of “no capital” is actually an excuse! It is not strong enough to keep you from realizing your dreams- if you won’t let it. A thousand and one blooming business (in Nigeria) today started with next to nothing. Yours can be the next success story- but first, you must dump this excuse.




“Success is a product of luck- just ask any failure”

luck pix

 Many count themselves unlucky, blaming the country, their background while staying unrepentant at cursing the financially successful and hoping they share their wealth through charity. This is an unrealistic dream. ‘Luck’ is created; it doesn’t just happen.



The fear of failure:

I can do all things, through Christ which strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

leap of faith

“What if I fail?” “What if the market rejects my idea and I lose all I’ve worked for?” This excuse is one of the most effective drainers of energy and initiative. But think about it this way- Is there anyone on earth who loves failure/rejection? By the way, let’s flip that question- what if you succeed?

The challenge is how failure is handled. For example, some of the richest salesmen/women report rejections as high as 97% while still claiming their gold mine from the remaining 3%. Can you beat that! Out of every 100 prospects, 97 will walk away, yet these men and women, refusing to be held back by the fear of rejection, still earn fortunes from the ‘insignificant’ 3!

So I ask you again, what really is holding you back from the realization of your dreams? Always remember- you can either have results or excuses- never both.

It’s in you!

Femi G360

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