Breaking Inertia: Getting yourself to take THAT first step

“After all is said and done, it is my election to ensure that there is more done than said” – Samsong in ‘My Soul Shall Soar Higher’

So you want to start a business. Or pursue a degree. Or learn a skill you’ve always admired. You want to do something you’ve never done before. You’ve dreamed about it for years, thought about it for months, spent countless hours praying and planning. Now everything is set. Well, everything except you. At the last minute, just when you’re sure it’s time to roll out your special product/service, when it’s time to make that commitment, you sense that feeling in your stomach- butterflies they call it, but its’ hold on you is far stronger than the delicate name suggests.

Analysis takes over again. You pull out your plans to see if there’s ‘something’ you didn’t consider all this while. Maybe, just maybe, there’s still a little refinement that needs to be done- afterall, you only get one chance to make a good first impression, right? You want to make that first move count- want to make it a big bang.

But in the deepest parts of your heart, you know, that place where you tell yourself the raw truth, you know that you’re simply stalling. You know there’s no adjustment you can make anymore. You’re just afraid to start- you’ve become another victim of inertia.

‘Inertia’ is a scientific term that describes the tendency for a thing to remain in the same position. It is popularly quoted as Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion- a body will remain in a state of rest or continue in uniform, straight line motion unless acted upon by another force. In this case, you’re that body.

Wondering what the other laws are? Click here

If you’re like me, you have encountered  inertia at some point in your life. You know what you need to do- you’ve figured it out. But getting yourself to actually do it seems impossible. You may be in that place right now, a captive of this powerful force. How do you break free from it? What can you do to get yourself to take that crucial first step and move forward to do what you already know has to be done? Permit me to share a few tips with you.

inertia pix 1


1. Lose your fear of mistakes/failure.

If we’d be honest with ourselves, take off our masks and drop our ‘explanations’, we’d agree that this is probably the strongest reason for inaction. Nobody wants to fail. No one enjoys it. But if we must move forward towards our dream of becoming the very best versions of ourselves, the fear of failure has to go. Rather than ask “what if I fail?”, turn it 180 degrees and ask yourself “what if I succeed?”.

How do you lose the fear of failure? Simple (though not always easy). Don’t try to force it out; simply introduce its’ opposite number- the faith for success. Strengthen your belief in your ability to succeed by feeding your mind with God’s word. Thumb through the pages of the bible and you’ll be amazed at how much God believes in your abilities. Permit HIS thoughts to enter your mind. Think about them every time those butterflies fill your stomach. Lose your fear by replacing it with faith.


2. Don’t be a perfectionist.

What is worth doing is worth doing poorly the first time. It took me a while to grasp the wisdom in that statement the first time I read it. Then it dawned on me- that if my goals are really worth pursuing, then it’s not such a bad idea if I simply go ahead to try out what I can based on the level of information and expertise I currently possess. Of course, I’m not advocating shoddy preparations or a ‘whatever’ attitude. What I’m simply saying is this- it doesn’t have to be 100% perfect the first time out.

I once read that when Microsoft released the pioneer version of its’ Windows OS, it was filled with so many bugs, reviewers suggested that it should have come with a can of insecticide. It was far from perfect. But they launched it anyway, based on their level of expertise at the time. The rest, as they say, is history.

There’s more…

Look out for the concluding part of this piece. Catch ya!

Live by Design. 

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