Where the Church is getting it wrong!

Editor’s comment: The first time I read this piece from G-Life columnist, Dickson, I said to myself “now there’s what I call fiesty!”. He shared thoughts I’d like every one to seriously consider. So as you go through this article, keep an open mind and feel free to share your thoughts at the end. Happy reading!

I am a Christian but a sincere one. After going through this piece, perhaps you would appreciate the need for the self introduction .
Very rife in churches today, are testimonies of people who have experienced breakthroughs  and countless sermons encouraging and admonishing us towards hitting the mark: prosperity.
While I do not have any quarrel against the prosperity message, I have a very great question. It goes thus: why do churches not ask/enquire from the congregation how they made their money?
This days, it seems to me that many churches have made the prosperity benefit of the redemption package the core of the lot.
“Jesus died for your redemption not necessarily for you to leave Ikeja and move to Banana island(most expensive part of Lagos)” that was a statement by a family friend of mine and I couldn’t agree with him more. Today, there is this imagery in our society and it is borne out of the church which says which depicts that “when God is with you, it reflects in your finances”. Some may agree but others won’t. Before we proceed, may I ask this question. “which prophet in the bible was portrayed as rich? And please don’t mention Abraham. If none, need I remind us all that God was  very much in them as reflected in the miracles wrought through  them.
Every sunday, streets and motorways are blocked by people going and coming from church yet how we live every other day of the week doesn’t reflect Christ. People do all sort of things to get rich and rush to share their testimony of breakthrough.
I was born in the early 90’s so I was wasn’t on earth yet when the missionaries came to Nigeria. But credible folklore has it that those missionaries lived modest lives. They brought cheap and quality education. Then as a Nigerian, going Abroad to study was to spare your blushes if you couldn’t  pass the necessary exams to enter the tertiary institutions here.. not a show of class like it has become today. The missionaries brought this christianity we all profess. They didn’t make prosperity the core of their teaching and it reflected in the kind of lives people led then. The emphasis at that tine was on how good our God was and the early missionaries lived by such examples by improving the quality of human lives, They also brought medical treatment along with education. So we can see, that in time past, with Christianity, came free quality  education, free quality medicare. We don’t have such anymore.
Today, universities built by churches are only affordable by the elite. If the missionaries brought education at the primary & secondary level, aren’t we supposed to put the icing on the cake by building free/cheap quality universities? Just look at the number of undergraduates at home who have their academic pursuit stalled by ASUU. if the churches of today, were treading the path of the missionaries, would there have been lot of kids on academic standstill  when universities are free and offering quality education?
I would love to mention many points but people may not believe me since I am not an accountant. I won’t explain further.
Until the church begins to balance her emphasis on the prosperity movement, it may be hard to enforce discipline on her members who would go to any length to attain the set mark in order to feel like you are living the real Christian life.
Erroneously, many people assume that if you attend a Christian university, then you are from a well to do home. How false! Many parents send their kids there hoping to pay the school fees by faith. They can’t pay conveniently but they want the best for their kids. Yes. Someone may pick out my superlative term of describing private university education. It is the best by my judgement (I may be wrong) but it is at a huge financial cost.
I would like to end on this forte. If Jesus built a school, would people have to pay school fees by faith? Your guess is as good as mine.

Kindly leave your comments and reactions to this piece. Let’s keep talking.


Dickson Obi_001

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