This October, Our Doors Are W-I-D-E Open! Discover How This Affects YOU.

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Hello friends,

It’s good to see you again in October. Just like a flash, nine months have come and gone already. Can you believe that?! We hope you’ve had a great year so far. Hope you’ve achieved some goals you set at the start of the year. Well, no matter where you are on your 2013 adventure, we at Grow360 are right here, rooting for you to go all the way and become the very best you can be!

As we start the last quarter of this year, we examine one of the true blessings of life. Personally, I find this subject extremely important for any young person who desires to live a truly fulfilling life. Its’ power is immense- it can speed up your success or grind it to a screeching halt. It has added rich dimensions to many lives, yet countless others have been broken by its’ incredible power. Just like electricity, it can help or hurt. It all depends on how you wield this weapon.


Since friendships and relationships are such a big deal in the youth experience, Grow360 will be attempting something we’ve never done before. All through the month, our doors (and windows) will be open to YOU, not just to read, but to WRITE IN as well. That’s right. We’re giving YOU the chance to share your thoughts, experiences and lessons on the subject of friendships and relationships!

October is no month to be stingy. Someone out there could learn from your story; so please don’t keep it in anymore.

Also, we’ve observed that too many of us wait for so-called special occasions to celebrate our special friends, you know, those we secretly thank God for.  We’ve decided to break that tradition with a special October-only category titled ‘Tribute to my Friend(s)’. To participate, simply send in a short, witty dedication with your bestie’s name(s) and photo (optional) to and we’ll help you send it to the blogosphere. Our friends are the true celebrities of our lives- let’s treat them that way.

Our regular categories are back and better with all G360 writers raring to go. It might sound cliché but I can’t help it- fasten your seatbelt; an awesome ride awaits.


You’re welcome!



Editor, Grow360

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Don’t forget to send in your special dedication to Let the world know how special your friends are to you!


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