Getting Out of the ‘FriendZone’

It’s a beautiful start to the weekend and we at Grow360 would like to hear your thoughts on this rather all-too-common dilemma. Happy sharing!

So you guys have known each other for quite a while now and so far, everything’s been cool. You see him as your ‘brother’. You’ve taken her as a dear ‘sister’. Rumours have been flying about you two but you don’t give two cents because as far as you’re concerned, you’re just ‘friends’- and you’re content with keeping things that way.

But then you notice something about your friend. It starts with little things- he calls more often even when he has nothing to say, she’s beginning to ask questions about your connection with the other girls, ‘interesting’ pings and sms start flying, he starts calling you heart-felt ‘pet names’ (you know, those special ones- which he didn’t do before), she becomes ‘extra-caring’ and wants to get all up in your business, little traces of jealousy start sprouting up and there seems to be an increasing demand for attention. The signs are obvious- your friend is tired of staying in the friendzone and now wants more.

For many young people, the scenario above is quite familiar- you’ve probably experienced it at least once in your life; either as the ‘craver’ or the ‘craved’. I’m wondering; how exactly did you handle it?

As the ‘craver’, how did you manage your growing emotions? Did you let your friend know besides the ‘body language’? How did they respond?

As the ‘craved’, how did you handle this new show of deeper affection from your otherwise ‘innocent’ friend?


C’mon, there’s nothing to be shy about. It’s all about honest, no-holds-barred sharing today friends. Tell us about your experiences in this area by leaving a comment below. Oya…who wants to go first?

P.S: Stumbled upon these pictures while researching this piece. Hope you find them as interesting as i did!





…and my personal favourite! Loll…

friendzone 3


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