To Friends, Past&Present

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This month, Grow360 celebrates the power of friendships and relationships. Here’s a tribute sent in by Ik. Do enjoy it, and after reading, send in yours!


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Hmmm…’tribute’. The very word sounds like the end of a journey. On second thought, I’d rather label this a dedication. A dedication to the dear ones that have brought rich veins of colour to my life and journey these 20 something years.


Dear friends, past and present,

In all honesty, I couldn’t possibly come up with just one name worthy of this dedication. So to stay true to myself, I’d rather just let it all straight from my heart. No embellishments, no flatteries, just statements that I could repeat before God because they are the truth and nothing less. My life has been an interesting one indeed- a compilation of personal struggles, victories, lessons and of course, a continuing story of the role friends have played in who I’ve become thus far.

From my friends, past and present I’ve learned many things. And for it all, I’m grateful.

In my dear friend and big brother, Ehinomen, I saw the virtue of genuine humility, servant-leadership and that it’s possible for young people to live a righteous life. Won’t say I’ve always followed strictly in those steps, but I’m grateful for the lesson.

From my 28 colleagues back in my university days, a deeper sense of human differences emerged. Thank you guys. By just being your interesting selves, you helped me understand my deeper self.

I celebrate the many friends, past and present, who without words, modeled salient virtues and unknowingly inspired me to become a better person. Frank, who silently taught me the art of restraining my first reaction. Chapy, whose life showed me the balance between school smarts and street smarts. Moses and Morakz, whose examples on dealing with difficult people remain fresh in my mental space. Femi, one of the best ‘things’ from my service year, your ability to progress from words and plans to tangible actions remain an inspiration.

I can’t close this dedication without a bow to the gorgeous ladies that have come in and out of my life- some as friends, a tiny few as more than just friends. From each one, I’ve learned (and I’m still learning!) how to be a better man, husband and home leader. The Mrs. will definitely benefit from your lessons.

As I look behind and all around, it’s obvious I cannot claim to be a self-made man. Each one of you has played your roles- some came in with chisels and chipped out the non-essentials, others came in to build. All in all, each one played their part in my evolution, and for this, dear friends, past and present, I am, and forever will be, grateful.

Your friend,

Ex and present,



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