Dear Young Person,

Some months back, I was inspired to write this blog. With every passing day, its’ message resounds with stronger relevance. Just in case you missed it the first time around, I’ve decided to share it again with you today. Enjoy!

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Note: This is undoubtedly the longest blog I’ve ever posted. I thought about splitting it into a series of shorter blogs but then decided to share it all at once for those who might be interested in absorbing this whole body of thoughts at a go. Please save this post on your mobile device or any other device you’re using. Read it often. As the days and months go by, it’ll ring more true. Happy reading!

At the start of 2013, I sensed a very strong urge in my spirit to start praying for my generation-the youth generation. Not that I wasn’t doing this already but within me, I just knew the intensity and frequency was about to increase. As I engaged in these sessions of prayer, it became clearer in my heart that we’ve entered a new season as believers (this happens when you pray as directed by the Spirit- you just find yourself ‘knowing’ certain things, even without any external input). Several times, I found myself speaking ‘prophecy-like’ words in the course of interceding. What an awesome experience it was! More interesting was my observation of very similar words being shared by other believers both young and old.

Although God lives outside the realm of time, He has chosen to deal with man within the confines of times and seasons. In simple terms, God works with times and seasons. He does not live in it (i.e. He is not restricted by it) but He works with it (i.e. He uses it to execute His agenda on this side of eternity).

Now if God relates with us within the arena of times and seasons, it makes perfect sense that the only way we can make the best of our God-connection is to perceive and understand each time and each season as they inevitably come along. We must be sensitive enough to read spiritual timing and align ourselves with his schedule. Any other line of action would produce mediocre results at best and frustrations at worst. Ok then, let’s answer some very, very important questions. Please try not to read through this in a hurry. Save the page and come back later if you have to. It’s worth it I assure you.

Alright then, let’s move on.

Q1: What season are we currently in?

This might shock you but we’ve been in this season for well over 2000 years now! It started in Acts 2. So in that sense, it’s not a ‘new’ season. However, the dimension and intensity of this season is about to change- actually, it’s already changing. Some of us can sense it already; others have no clue it’s already happening. Six quick truths about this season.

It’s a season of the Spirit– it’s been that for over two millennia now. But this new dimension will bring about a surge in the manifestations of the HolySpirit. The waves will be stronger and the effects will be much more dramatic.

It’s a season of evidence. It’s not an era of theories or stories. It’s a time of practical proofs of faith. It’s a time when the sons of God will be demonstrating the realities of divine life in everyday situations. In this season, talk will really become cheap as only those with the evidence will be able to arrest the attention of the world.

It’s a season of extreme polarization– the differences between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness will become more glaring- for those who can see it. While others may be claiming that “the world is becoming churchy and the church is becoming worldly”, those who are sensitive enough will see so clearly beyond that statement that they’ll wonder what others are really talking about. In this season, the world will become worldlier and the true church (I’m not referring to denominations and sects, but to people) will become churchier.

It’s a season of bloody spiritual battles– the forces of light and darkness will be contending, not with themselves (because light has and will ALWAYS beat darkness), but for the hearts of men. The armies on both sides will become more ferocious in their strategies and deployment of weapons as they seek to capture the hearts of the undecided billions in these closing hours of the ages.

It’s a season of visions– there will be an explosion (literally) of visions, ideas and causes- on both sides of the divide. This is because both sides understand that their expansion and dominance is limited by how far their members are willing to go. And those that will be willing to go the farthest will be those who have caught a vision (take note I’m speaking about BOTH sides here- positive and negative).

It’s a season of youths– Joel 2 is about to be played out afresh- this time in 3D+HD! This season will be marked by amazing accomplishments by the hands and minds of U-30s. These young people will do things that will literally change societies and whole nations.

This is what I have termed The G-Generation.


Q2: Who are they?

The G-Generation is a band of young people, mostly below 30 years. They’re a new set of believers; many of them got genuinely born again in their early/mid-teens. Presently, the majority of them are still in school while some are already in the workplace.

Q3: What makes them different from past generations?

While every generation has always had a unique youth-culture, the G-Generation’s uniqueness will come from its’ hunger- a hunger for a more meaningful, practical relationship with God. They’ll desire more than they’ve been raised on. They’ll seek a deeper experience with God; they won’t be satisfied with just knowing about Him- they’ll want to know Him.

Q4: How will they make a difference?

The most striking trait of the G-Generation is that this band of young believers will NOT function from the pulpit- they’ll do it from the pews. You won’t find too many of them on the altar on Sunday mornings (some of them will be there though). You won’t even notice them in church- they won’t be ‘prominent’ as it were within the regular church structure.

They will make a difference, not by talking and shouting on Sunday; but by living and doing on Monday. And tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday. And throughout the week! The real G-Generation will go beyond posting impressive words on social media sites- they’ll take it to their street corners and amongst their friends. They believe that charity begins at home. And they practice it too.

They will infiltrate systems– offices, classrooms, businesses. Whole industries and sectors will gradually come under their dominion. They will build new corporate cultures and set new standards.

They will display an uncanny ability to extract wisdom from the pages of the bible and apply them as ‘strange’ principles with undeniable, yet measurable, palpable effect. They won’t ‘preach’ in the traditional sense- they’ll live out the word.

They will be visionary and courageous. They will live beyond ambition and the ‘need for accomplishment’- they’ll simply follow as the HolySpirit moves on their hearts, but they won’t be walking along that path, they’ll be running. And for some, they’ll be flying! There will be a sense of urgency about their actions. They will be bold enough to abandon a clichéd existence and tread new paths as carved out by the vision in front of them.

They will be disciplined– they will make the required sacrifices in their secret place, away from the crowds and the limelight. They’ll know how to go beyond giving all they’ve got- they’ll graduate to giving all it takes. That means if it requires more than they’ve got, they will possess enough inner strength to go get some more and give to it!

They will be excellent– that will be one of their key attractions. In all fields of endeavor, they will display distinctive excellence. They will be the earthly portraits of God’s excellent nature. They’ll rule by wisdom.

Q5: What must they guard against to maintain their influence?

  1. Competition: The G-Generation must NEVER allow themselves be dragged down to the level of competing against one another for recognition, position or acceptance. Their beauty and effect will last for only as long as they maintain a sense of just living out the life they were designed to live. The moment they start thinking about and strategizing to ‘outdo’ or ‘outperform’ others, as soon as they start seeking ways to hold the spotlight, the fountain of their virtues will start clogging up and if they stay on that path, dryness and eventual death will be the end result.

2. Compromise: They must maintain their separate identity. They must live with the consciousness that there are two, and only two kingdoms on this planet- the kingdoms of light and darkness, and that EVERY PERSON on earth is presently in one of those kingdoms- neutrality is non-existent here. In this age of ‘political correctness’ and false tolerance, the G-Generation must guard itself against compromise. There must be no watering down. They must exercise discernment in their quest for ‘relevance’ and trying to ‘engage the other side’.

3.Complacence: They must always remember that all they’ve done is but a speck compared to what they can still do. They must never rest on their laurels. They must keep ‘pressing towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus’. They must live with the attitude of growing stronger with every passing day.

They must never forget the ‘basics’ of their spiritual life. They must never allow themselves to get too busy to pray, to fast, to feed their spirit with the word and take out time regularly to retreat into the secret place to recharge.

This is the G-Generation. They are rising and they are rising fast. While some are still sleeping and dreaming, others have already jacked up and are already working. Find your place in this band. You are enlisted when you find out God’s purpose for your life. This is your time, this is your season. Remember, God deals with us in the arena of times and seasons. And only those who correctly discern and totally align with His timetable can enjoy the fullness of true success in this season. It’s unstoppable. Their rise is inevitable. There’s just one question: will YOU be a part of the G-Generation?

Decide today.

True communication is always a two-way street. I’ve shared with you as inspired. I’d also love to hear your thoughts, comments, reactions, questions or personal stories. Expecting to hear from you.

Live by Design.


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