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I’m excited about November! For the rest of the year, the G360 Team goes all out, to examine diverse issues relevant to the youth-life. In this succint piece, G360 writer, Femi, fires the first shot. Happy reading! – Ik, G360 Editor


7 Steps to Success


1.           You don’t have to get it right from start; you need to get it going.

Ø   Start it immediately

Ø     Improve it until it’s good

Ø     Get feedback from your efforts

Ø     Polish the results of your follow ups till it is super good.

2.           Learn to think big and take action from a small point. Thinking big is a destination; actions are what actually lead into greatness.

Ø     If you aim at making $3,000 monthly while earning on a less than $500 monthly income, it will be safe to raise your standard slowly say from $500 to $700, progressing it bit after bit like a toddler learning to walk till you up and running financially.

3.           People form habits and those habits we allow form our future.

Procrastination is one of such habits that keeps us in debt while we leave our strength zone robbed by activities that slowly and comfortably drive us away from our goals. Henry David Thoreau said, ‘the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation’’ They stayed glued to life’s comfort zone of stagnancy; only wishing. Procrastination is a robber of destinies. If you want to remain unrewarded, unfulfilled and ultimately unhappy, then continue to accept your habits which are not useful to fulfilling your aspirations, dreams and desires.

4.           Consistence is the game of greatness.

The game of life is as simple as thinking big dreams, taking small steps at a time, repeating every great moment you have recorded in your discovery daily, till it is now your habit.


5.           Focus.

From the starting point, have a clear picture of where you are going in mind and don’t shift focus. A focused camera takes a sharp and clear picture.

6.           Time -Guard it  jealously.

Everything on earth is paid for in time. Your current job is an exchange for the amount you earn on it as income. The rich measure in time while the poor only think of the money. When you value your time, with it you buy experience and knowledge which in turn load your wallet for that amount you so desire, no matter how staggering the amount is. It is rightly said that when the man with the right quality experience and knowledge paid for in time meet the man without experience but with large sum, the money changes hands into the hands of the man with knowledge while his knowledge still remain it assets!

7.           Discipline.

Most of the things we hate doing are best for us but just because it is not pleasurable, we find it hard attending to those needs. You hate the muscle cramp but love a muscularly turgid body. You love the sexy look of a skinny body but yet can’t get your eyes off the ‘yummy treats’ at the restaurant.

The best of what we get from life is in doing the things we commit ourselves to.

It’s in you!


Femi G360


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