The Five Loaves Principle

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five loaves

I figured out this principle while meditating on the act of the great messiah; Jesus Christ. You probably remember the story- how he fed 5,000 men (add in the women and children and that numbers gets closer to about 15,000 people) with a kid’s lunch. It’s a classic case of achieving much starting with next to nothing.
I believe this draws a parallel to our lives as young people. In most cases our complaint is how we are to get started on our dream, considering the scarcity of resources obviously needed to convert our ideas to reality. How do you surmount the obstacles?
I’d say it starts in your mind. Never look down on what you’ve got because within the acorn lies an oak. A big oak tree! The five loaves looked so insignificant (even with the 2 fishes added) yet they fed the crowd with 12baskets left to spare!

This is what I’ve discovered:
• When you think you have too few you actually have enough
• When you think you are finished you still have enough to give
• You are solution to the next man’s thirst and the source of filling to the next man’s hunger
• It’s not what we lack that stops us. It’s what we think we need to have.

I’ve found that the success we desire starts from our ability to see the potentials in the seemingly little things around. That so-called small opportunity, that tiny account balance (compared to what you think you need as start-up capital), that raw talent/gift. Yes, it may not be everything- but it IS something, and with it, the journey can begin.
Look at it this way. Imagine being the answer to the problem of say, just 50,000 people. When you provide answers to a number this large, which when compared to the world population is also intangible (less than 0.0001%), you derive the emotional satisfaction of making people happy and in all probability, position yourself for increase both in followers and in wealth. While these may not have been your initial target, they are the inevitable ‘side-effects’ of being a solution provider. Every problem solver is a happy person, and the genuinely wealthy are usually simply reaping the rewards of creating a solution to people’s problems.

Remember, it starts in your mind. Every provision from God has in it a seed to be replanted and a harvest to share. Those tiny seeds of opportunities around you contain the bigger ones you wish you had right now.
Start with what you have, right where you are. Your five loaves and two fishes can still feed your five thousand if you believe in the possibility of getting started. If you’re wondering how useful your ‘little gift’ can be to the world, here is a path to follow. Share what you know- that’s right, don’t hoard it. Share it!
It’s one of life’s most interesting paradox- when we share the ‘little’ we know, the little we have, the little we can, it doesn’t diminish. It may seem so at first, but it ALWAYS returns bigger and better.
That’s the power of the 5 loaves principle. Your loaf may seem small and your fish intangible but when you get set to feed the world, you’ll end up with more.
Here’s my challenge to you today: pass your 5 loaves through your 5,000. You’ll find 12 baskets on the other side.
No matter how small you think you’ve got, you are in my best opinion, an inexhaustible part of nature. It’s in you!

Femi G360


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