Your Penny In The Hands Of Millions

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Every human in existence is a bundle of creativity expected to launch the change that will better our world. Everything you have now, your present location, ghetto or the city, low profile or from the family of dignitaries will only compliment the gift in you for the great task ahead “The Champion in the Making”. Many have lost the zeal of being a success to the excuse of not having so much Uncles and Aunts as pillars of support to their dreams,  goals and aspirations. “Impossibility is nothing” so proclaims the popular designer “Adidas”.            Remember , Life is like the pages in a book, those who fear the mistakes attached to greatness stay glued to a page in life, maintaining the comfort of a riskless and boring life of stagnancy, keeping a non-enviable record of  no mistakes, no achievement profile of all common mediocre.

The risk of the deep makes it a room for a great catch.

“It’s too cheap to be rich”, says one successful singleton. Concentrate on any of your skills that gives you comparative advantage over others, specialise on your most treasured gift till you become special. Reach out to as many as possible. God created the world in large numbers; billions, every soul is holding on to the penny that will enlist you among the wealthy if only you could give back to the populace that service that will release the penny to you. All you need to do is discover yourself on time and maximise your talent.

The POOR makes the RICH, why? The poor never stop paying the rich, without a channel of wealth reception into its own treasury. The acronym for POOR says Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly. There is a mystery attached to the price tag of poverty, so expensive that even the wealthy don’t dare to stare at it. Common is the thought that produces common results. It’s so common to find a graduate in our society, (“I’m a graduate” seems less impressive with each passing day) but few are the number that amount to financial fulfilment. Why this common trend?

This country (Nigeria) has over 150million people with different needs for which solutions must be provided urgently. What can you come up with to put smiles on the faces of these millions at a little service cost?

That’s the simple secret to the millions you have always wanted in your account. Look within you, skills lie in every man, put your ability to work and give answers to the curious question in the minds of the populace. It’s that easy…go rake in your money in the hands of the millions in your niche.

Invest in your brain and your brain will fill your purse like a damaged ATM machine. No one pays for what they know; you pay more for what you don’t know. Add value to yourself and be at the edge of creating wealth from what every common people ignore. It’s in you, be wise and keep living in financial sufficiency.



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