G-Style is Back!: Your Look, Your Brand

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Hey Everyone,

It feels good to be here again. Hope you missed me as much as I missed you…loll. I’ve got some great stuff to share with you, so let’s just dive right into it, shall we?

personal brand 3

I have always loved fashion and at first I wondered why. Then at some point, I realized that God must have somehow imprinted it in my DNA! Now, some people are not so keen (to every man his own…lol); but I want to introduce to you a fresh perspective on why you need to show some interest even if it’s just a little…confused? (Read on you’ll get the gist).

I remember watching a show a while ago where a Branding Consultant was brought on. He asked each participant to pick a word (just one or two at most) that they would want their names to be associated with (sort of like their brand). He went on to state that for the next month, everything they do must project that ‘brand’. In expatiating, he stated that starting from how they look/dress, to how they act, to how they talkall they do must project this ‘brand’. Meaning, if you decide you wanted your brand to be ‘Leader’ or ‘’, you needed to look, act, talk the part etc. Interesting… isn’t it? How does your dressing/look communicates your brand? For me it was an interesting revelation.

Bringing it closer to ‘home’, I listened to a sermon by Pastor Sam Adeyemi a while ago and he recounted the story of Daniel and the three Hebrew guys in the bible. Specifically, the section where King Nebuchadnezzar requested for young Jewish captives to be enlisted into the University of Babylon, the criteria were the following: “Youths without blemish, well favored in appearance and skillful in all wisdom, discernment, and understanding, apt in learning knowledge, competent to stand and serve in the king’s palace…” (Dan 1:4, AMP). Notice how appearance came into picture? It was in fact mentioned before skill, discernment, understanding and the rest!!!

Who knew this would be a criterion to partake of the opportunity?

My lovely, this clearly goes to show that people will see you before they hear you. So what do you want them to see? No matter the ‘value’ you carry, if you don’t look the part…sorry. Today, we see so many fire-brand Christians that have taken ‘christianity’ as an excuse to consistently look shabby; claiming that all that is vanity. I believe nothing could be further from the truth…the bible describes God as magnificent and beautiful (Ezekiel 1:26-28)….not shabby.

Now what we are talking about doesn’t require breaking the bank to achieve. You could spend half a million on your appearance and end up looking shabby or tacky or a much smaller amount and still project classy. If you don’t know how to go about styling, put some effort into it. Research, ask a friend (I’ll be sure to help where I can), or simply  google it!


So are YOU ready to start looking the part? I bet you are!

  1. Start by picking a word (2 words max.), this being what you want to represent aka your brand. It could be anything (‘smart’, ‘confident’, ‘leader’, ‘laid-back’ etc…you get the idea)
  2. This week, make a mental note to keep thinking about that word/brand really means and how much that is who/what you want to represent.
  3. Now don’t just think it, look it! Before you step out of the house everyday of this week, consciously check yourself out in the mirror…do you look the part? If yes…then you’re good to go!

So get to it already! Till next time.



JaJa Campbell

P.S: I’d be delighted to answer questions that you might have on this subject. Kindly leave it as a comment right here or email it to grow360friends@gmail.com. Look great, rep God!


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