Go Wash Out!

go wash out

Only the weird ones among us savour bitter tastes. You know that bug-eyed boy with spiky hair that chews chloroquine for pleasure and bitter leaf for the fun of it? The rest of us – normal people with normal eyes and proper hair – we dislike medicine and prefer ugwu. When somehow we get bitter substances in our mouths, perhaps after gulping from an unmarked bottle, we spit it out and hurry to get rid of the leftover bitterness. You should remember dashing to a running tap, gargling water in your mouth and spitting repeatedly till the bad taste was gone. Why? Because bitterness is unpleasant and leaves you distorting your face, because it would ruin everything else you eat. Bitterness does not give a flying saucer how sweet every other thing is, it would ruin them. This is the real reason why I like to brush my teeth early in the morning, as far away from breakfast time as possible. So the taste of toothpaste does not distort the divineness of corned beef!

Yet many of us – the normal ones – exhibit weirdness from time to time when we allow the after-taste of life’s bitter pills, contaminate the sweetness God wants us to experience.  Was it a demeaning rape? A soul-shredding disappointment? An esteem-belittling failure? A painful break-up? He cheated! She walked out! I cannot believe my own parents would behave this way! It is not fair! I can never forgive this!

Rush to the running tap. Grab a toothbrush and scrub it all out. Thwart the bitterness before it has the chance to ruin all the sweetness that is possible. Be normal, not weird. Only weird people tolerate and even enjoy bitterness when they can expunge it.

The tap of God’s word is flowing, go wash out!



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