Where Did All My Time and Energy Go?

In my now 10-year old quest to understand how life was designed to work, I’ve been fortunate to come across some really great resources that have helped shape my thinking and given me a steady handle with which to makes sense of this thing called life. I feel obligated to share these timely truths with as many as I can for as long as I can in all ways that I can. So how about we just get right into it, yeah?

In basic physics/chemistry, there’s a law known as the Law of Conservation of Energy. It states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be converted from one form to another. As humans, we’re actually a bundle of energy. Broken down to microscopic levels, that’s what we really are- a bundle- or a ball of energy as I prefer to call it. And we also obey that scientific law. Our energy resources cannot be stored- it’s always being converted. That’s why it’s kinda interesting to hear folks talk about ‘conserving their energy’. In the strictest sense, that’s not even possible because living itself takes up energy (that explains why you still get hungry and tired even without obvious physical exertion- energy is being used up just by your very existence).

If this is the case then, that we cannot stop the energy-exchange process, then there must be something else we can do. Thankfully, there is.

Yes we cannot stop the process, but we can control, or I should say, direct it. We can channel our energy-exchange process in any direction we please. To me, that gives us tremendous power. It means we really don’t have to watch our lives drift. We really don’t have to wait to see what tomorrow will bring. It means that we can plant some seeds today (in terms of thoughts, actions and habits) that will AUTOMATICALLY write out tomorrow’s script.

Someone once said that “the safest way to predict the future is to create it”. I couldn’t agree more. That’s not just a clever statement by some smooth-talking speaker. It’s actually a statement of a fundamental principle that governs life.

Look at your life today and ask yourself, “Am I deliberately and consciously directing my energy-exchange process? Am I ensuring that I’m heading in the direction of my desired future even as I inevitably expend energy every day? For all the energy I’ve expended today, how much farther have I made progress towards my dream tomorrow?”

Let’s get real. What time is it? (steal a glance at the nearest clock/timepiece) Ask yourself, “between this time last week and now (I’m using this rather large time-frame for illustration purposes, this should be more like a daily thing), how much DESCRIBABLE progress have I made towards my dream?

See life is very interesting. It’s super-simple if we know the principles on which it is designed to run and align ourselves with them. A wise person once said that “too many people spend too much time dreaming about the future; never realizing that a little bit of it arrives each day”. Powerful statement I tell you.

Your future is not going to happen. It IS happening right now. Between when you started reading this note and now, a bit of your future unfolded. The process can’t be stopped. You can’t push pause and say “hey future, wait right there while I go prepare for you”. That’s not possible. It just keeps coming like a mindless band of zombies in a horror movie (pardon my illustration).

But you have the power to direct the flow. How? By ensuring that every day, you expend your energy primarily on activities and thoughts that lead to your desired tomorrow (take note, not on the things you DON’T want to see/have in your future, but on those things you WANT to see).

Permit me to get in your face just a teeny, tiny bit. Thank you. So you’re online today (that’s how you’re reading this). How much of your ‘online-time’ are you converting to real, personal value that adds substance to your future? What do you read when you browse? How much of its’ contents relate to your goals? Isn’t it amazing? I meet young people who exchange their energy online (and offline), reading and watching things that add ZERO value to them and then they wonder how come they can’t figure out a way to make progress in their personal affairs. I’m seriously tempted to look in their eyes and go like, “Duh!” Your mind only has so much space; you only have so much energy to exchange. When you give your energy to things of lesser value, the higher value, more important, personal matters of life will always seem overwhelming and confusing to you!

Don’t drift. Don’t drag. Exchange your energy with purpose. Act with conscious intention. Be deliberate about your life. No one is coming to fix it up for you- they’re too busy with theirs already.

You only have so much time and energy. Guard them fiercely. Deploy them wisely. Start converting your time and energy better- your future is already happening.

Live by Design.


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