Dressing For Your Body Type

“Must you wear jeggings? mtccheewww” she remarked half-aloud, referring to a passerby. We see it everday- people clad in errmm… ‘less-than-flattering’ outfits. Sometimes, it’s funny, other times it’s painful and on rare occasions, down-right disgusting. Good thing Jade’s here. Enjoy as she shares on what it takes to be adorned in a way that always (and decently) highlights your best assets. Bon reading!


Hi there Fashionistas,

Before I proceed, I’ll like to point out to the guys that this post is targeted mainly at the ladies but it would be great if you read it (no knowledge is lost!) and pass it on to the women in your lives…

So, I hope y’all have been working on the tips that were dropped in the last G-style post (can’t recall? click here to read it). I believe your personal brand is now being well projected to you and those around you by the way you dress and carry yourself. We’ve established that a great part of how you feel about yourself shows in the way you look…now, a question that pops up quite often when discussing ‘style’ with my fellow ladies is ‘How do I dress for my body shape?’ That, I must say, is a super valid question.

Now, it is evident that God is a lover of variety….as they say that no two people are the same or have exactly the same personality, so also, no two people have exactly the same body shape. In the study of personality types there are four broad categories (Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic). There are also some key categories when it comes to body types (mainly for the ladies). In this first part, we’ll examine these body types… they are:

  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Rectangle
  • Hourglass
  • Athletic
  • Strawberry (or Lollipop)

There may be many more categories but I will focus on these for this series. The names sound weird but they really do depict the shapes!

So Paula Pear is the lady with a narrow bust and shoulders in the upper body section and wider hips and bottom in the lower section. More often than not, she has a flat stomach and shapely waist.

Alison Apple usually tends to carry more weight around her middle section without a well defined waist. She usually tends to have a shapely legs and a nice bust line.

Rennie Rectangle is fairly straight up and down; not particularly curvy…she has the ‘typical’ model shape. In terms of dressing, she can get away with just about anything and create more illusions than any other shape.

Hannah Hourglass is usually regarded as the figure eight, she is has fuller bust and hips and then a small and sometimes tiny waist. She generally gets a lot of attention because of her figure.

Angie Athletic is similar to Rennie but tends to have more bulk and a more muscular frame. She tends to have very shapely arms and legs.

Sally Strawberry and Lola Lollipop are like the opposite of Paula, they have a figure that is bigger on the top half than lower body. They have broad shoulders, fuller busts then narrower waists and hips.

By now, I’m sure you must have identified your body shape (if you’re a lady) or one close to yours. The key areas to look at are your shoulders, bust, waist and hips. If you are still in doubt, there are some sites online whereby, you can enter your measurements and your body type would be generated you could try this (http://www.shopyourshape.com/calculate-your-body-shape.html). Note that every shape has pros and cons and no shape is ‘perfect’…people with great style are those who have mastered their body shapes and know what works best for them.

In the next part, I will touch on tips on how best to dress for your body such that you highlight your best assets and stand out looking like the star that you are.



JaJa Campbell

Got any questions on personal styling? Drop me a mail at grow360friends@gmail.com and I’ll be sure to reply!


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