Dressing For Your Body Type 2

Hi there Fashionistas!

Seeing that this is the first post for G360Style, I am very excited to wish you a happy new year… 2013 was a great year but there’s no doubt that this year will be even better. I am hoping that G360style would be able to bring you all the style advice/tips you need and even more as we have some very exciting plans for the year.

Now, picking up where we left off, the last post was on how best to dress for your body type. To check out that post, please click here. No body type is bad, the secret to looking good is understanding what best suits your shape; accentuating the great bits and hiding the not so great ones. In this post, I will be dropping actual style tips and suggestions for each body type… I can’t wait for you to try this out and send me your feedback!

  • Pear

She is the woman with a much wider lower section (i.e. hips and bottom) as compared to her upper body. She often has a shapely waist. What can she do to have that balanced out figure? If this is you, your goal should be to emphasize your upper body; waist arms, shoulders and minimize your hips. How? For the upper section, don brighter coloured blouses and tops with ruffles, breast pockets, cowl/boat necklines, for the lower section, try out darker colours that don’t add too much bulk. Also, wearing high heels could elongate your legs and frame.


  • Apple

The apple shaped lady carries more weight around her middle section. If this is you, your best assets are probably your shapely legs and great bust line, hence, you want to elongate your middle and make your waist appear smaller. How can you make the most of this? Try empire waistlines tops and dresses, boot cut or flared jeans, v-neck tops, monochrome looks, shorter skirts, structured blazers to highlight your best features.


  • Rectangle

From the last post, we mentioned that this body shape has the greatest potential to create illusions, as she usually has no need to minimize any body features. Hence, because she is ‘rectangularly shaped’, her goal is to create curves and show off her legs and arms which are her best features. Shirt dresses, halter tops, high waist pants, soft shouldered jackets and tops, drape and ruffle detailing and peplum would be great for your body.


  • Hourglass

This is regarded as the ultimate female shape (because it is balanced both up and down), so if you’ve got it, you don’t need to do much more. To flatter your great assets, try out wrap dresses, scoop necklines, pencil skirts, bootleg/skinny jeans, well tailored jackets nipped in at the waist.


  • Athletic

Very similar to the rectangle body shape, she is more muscular. Her strengths are her shapely legs and arms. She needs to work extra hard though to soften up her looks. Try fitted draped dresses that nip at the waist, try sandals and pumps as opposed to chunky shoes. Beautifully detailed sleeves and tulips would also soften your frame.


  • Strawberry

This is the opposite of Pear. This shape has a figure that is bigger on the upper section than vice versa. To balance out this figure, she needs to add volume to her lower half. Do wear wide leg pants, bright colours on the bottom, full skirts, high waist pieces and clothes that create the illusion of a waist, peplums, and tulips. Avoid on the other hand, boat necked or spaghetti strap tops.


So there you have it guys! By now, you should know a bit more about dressing for your body type. I really hope you have been able to pick a tip or two from this post. I will love to get your feedback if you tried any of the looks I put together for you. Till next time!




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