Ready For A ‘Fab Feb’? It Starts RIGHT HERE

*humming a love tune*

*feels a tap on the shoulder. Turns, slightly shocked*



Wow, you’re here. Welcome to the second month of 2014- Our year of #PersonalExcellence. 31 days have gone by and we hope you’re already making progress towards your personal dreams and goals.

Before anything else, let me quickly say a big, big “thank you” to everyone who liked our facebook page in January (in case you’ve not, you can do so right after reading through this by coming back up to click here). Our promise is to reward your connection with us by keeping it ever fresh, engaging and relevant right here, all year.

February has obviously become ‘notorious’ for being the so-called love month. The love buzz is in the air and we think it’s beautiful. Our caveat is simple: make sure you’re celebrating the right things for the right reasons, in the right way.

This month, we’ve got some exciting stuff lined up for you. Our regular categories are back and better and we look forward to your opinions, suggestions and ideas to strengthen this growing network. I’m telling you, great things are happening here- the personal feedback is so so encouraging and the G360 Team have resolved to go in just one direction –up and forward (okay, maybe that’s two directions).

So before anyone else, from all of us at Grow360, here’s wishing you a fabulous February, or as we love to say it, a fab Feb!

You’re welcome.



Editor, Grow360

P.S: Remember the facebook link earlier? On second thought, there’s no need to go back up. Simply click right here and you’re connected.


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