Aaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!! Stop Telling Me To ‘Change My World’- Tell Me How!!!!!!!

Have you ever felt that way? You know you want to make a difference. You know you want to do something special with your life; you want it to count for something. All around, the motivational teachers and speakers aren’t helping either- they just won’t let up, challenging you to ‘rise to the occasion’ and ‘connect with your higher self’ to do something truly outstanding with your life.


That’s good and fine. ‘Changing the world’ has been the dream of millions before and will be the dream of many millions yet. The question is HOW? How do you really, r-e-a-l-l-y do that in everyday life with all its hassles? Obviously, it ain’t as easy as some make it look- if it were, we’d have more ‘world changers’ around and probably the world would have changed so much, I think it’d be fighting an identity crisis by now (okay, that’s just me joking right there).

In your mind, think about the concept of ‘changing your world’ for just a sec and try to come up with a short list of 5 people who, in your opinion, have done stuff that qualify as world-changing. Pick them out from any field of endeavour- business, sports, entertainment, education, medicine/healthcare, the arts, politics, science, IT, religion, wherever. Firmly hold onto that list in your mind and let’s try a little exercise. In as few words as possible, try to describe what each one did. (This post would make more sense if you actually do this exercise- give it a try) Done? Okay.

Now, I’m no psychic but I’m about to make a statement that I’d bet is true for EVERY ONE PERSON on your list. Each of your world changers gave a specific gift to the world. What I mean is, each of those five people on your list ‘changed the world’ (in your opinion) by doing something they loved AND were very good at.

Think about it. It may have been musical ability, entrepreneurial drive, leadership, academic ingenuity, humanitarian tendencies or something else; but each of those people made their lasting contribution from the place of their gifting- by doing what they loved and were very, very good at.

Look at your list again- is that true? So this is what I’m seeing here.

You want to change your world? Do what you love. Do what you’re willing to put in the effort to become the best at.

No one who focused on just surviving (eating, drinking, having a few clothes to put on their back and attempting to look rich by buying some ‘stuff’) made YOUR list. If you continue on your present path, would YOU make YOUR list?

This is what I’ve found- when we give our gift(s), when we choose to develop our innate abilities to the highest possible levels of proficiency, when we upgrade from working by compulsion to working with passion, when we choose to work without being controlled by the clock, when we give it our all, life rewards us in ways beyond our wildest imagination.

Now I’m not naïve, and I’m aware that giving your gift alone won’t make you a world changer- but it’s a big slice of the pie. There’s other stuff to do, but this is the foundation.

Determine in your heart today to give your gift- whatever it is. In every field of human endeavour, there are stars and there are mediocres; there are world changers and there are survivors. Choose NOT to be a survivor today. Yes, your gift may seem little right now and may not be putting a lot of money in your pocket at the moment, but keep developing it. Keep sharpening it, keep working on it and very soon, your world will stand in amazement as they behold the amazing effect of your simple, yet sharpened gift.

Want to change your world? Find your gift. Sharpen it to the max. And give it to the full.

Go wow yourself.

P.S: For those who missed it, I’ve included the inspiring story of Grandma Moses and the Girl at Iyana-Ipaja. You’d love it.

Thank you for reading today. I’m sure you got something out of this post. Kindly leave your comments, questions and suggestions below- let’s keep the conversation going. Also, we welcome you to connect with Grow360 to enjoy VIP access to all new contents right here.


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