Long Distance Relationships- Making It Work

He’s presently in Maryland. She’s also in Maryland. So what’s the problem? Just one tiny fact- He’s in Maryland, U.S.A and she’s in Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria. And you call that ‘tiny’?

You may not have had the personal experience, but I can almost bet that you know someone who is/has been involved in a long distance relationship. While some plot their romantic getaway dinner for valentine’s day, for others, closeness to their heartthrob come February 14 will take the form of a very long, romantic phone call/skype/chat session.

The rise of the internet and social media’s explosive growth has made it far easier to keep in touch with people halfway around the world. Keeping in touch with ‘people’ in general is one thing; having the internet/social media/phone calls as your major touchpoint with that special somborry is an entirely different matter altogether.

Today, we’re not here to debate on whether long distance relationships work or not. For every romantic story of how love overcame the distance barrier and had a happy ending, there’s a matching tale that batters the idea of LDRs- sad, sad tales of love gone sour, poisoned by the lack of geographical proximity. So we’re not here to play the “it’ll work” vs. “it won’t work” game. Rather, we’re here to share thoughts, ideas and experiences (personal and otherwise) on how it MIGHT work for those who find their commitment to love being tested by geography.

Probably you’ve succeeded in keeping the flames of love burning hot despite the gap, we’d love to hear from you. Every one of us must have had/witnessed this play out at some point in our lives. Some say “out of sight is out of mind” while others believe that “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. What do YOU think?

Kindly share your experiences and let’s enrich our existence with shared wisdom. Don’t wait for anyone else- just jump right in and have your say, okay?

Alright, who wants to go first?


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