Oh wow! It’s Friday again- probably the most beloved day of the week. I can almost hear someone exhale the popular mantra Thank God It’s Friday! or its cooler version, TGIF!. The drive home today may be more soothing- all thanks to the thought of “I won’t do this for the next 48 hours”. Sounds like music to your ears, right? I know that feeling too.

For workers, students or any other person somewhere in the middle, the arrival of the 5th working day every week is often embraced with passion. Come to think of it- do you know anyone who’s unhappy at the sound of Friday? Uhmm…personally, I don’t. Sure they may not be all over the moon with excitement but I’m yet to meet someone who didn’t at least appreciate weekends.

And it’s normal, I guess. We’re not machines- even machines do take a break every once in a while (why do you think those guys break down sometimes?). There’s nothing bad and yes, it’s no sign of laziness to long for the weekend- on one condition.

See, you know what really makes the weekend break really fulfilling (at least for me)? It’s when we’re able to look back at the past days and say with all sincerity, that we’ve actually done something meaningful. You know, something of value. Did we achieve our goals? Back up one step right there- did we even set goals in the first place?

Let’s get really practical now as I get all up in your ‘beeness’– what were your goals for this week (yup… I mean from Monday till today)? What did you say you’ll do this week? Did you do it? When we long for the weekend, is it because we crave that well-deserved chunk of downtime to relax, reflect and recharge? Or are we just being lazy, grateful to have survived the week with minimal contribution?

Rest, like most things in life, is a double-edged sword. It can hurt and it can help- it just depends on how we wield it. Oh yes, rest is sweet- but it tastes best when it comes after real productivity. Even God worked for 6 days before He rested. Let’s not get the numbers mixed up- 6 days of work and 1 day of rest; not the other way round.

‘sides, as I’ve listened to many outstanding people, I hear a  common theme- that those who get ahead in life do so in what others call ‘free time’. They didn’t linger too much in rest mode. I recently read an article by one of my favorite business mentors, billionaire entrepreneur Dr. Strive Masiyiwa. In that article, he talked about his work ethic and his belief that nobody really needed more than 6 hours of sleep (maximum) on any given night. This guy still works an average of 18 hours every day despite his obvious level of wealth. He is not alone in that practice.

See, virtually every outstanding person didn’t chill, sleep or party through the E-N-T-I-R-E weekend, E-V-E-R-Y weekend. They invested some of those ‘free’ hours in personal development, pursuing their passions, building businesses, plotting their way up and executing strategic moves that better positioned them to recognize, sometimes build and take advantage of opportunities.

So enjoy your weekend- I know I will. Got my movies lined up- with a great book to round it up. Kick back. Watch those movies. Hang out with friends. Chill with family members. Have some full-hearted fun and savour the finer things of life. But in the midst of it all, add some real value to yourself before Monday shows up.

So I’ll say it loud and say it proud- Thank God It’s…….(you got that right! Loll)


I’d love to hear from you- how would you describe your weekends?

Live by Design. 

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3 thoughts on “T.G.I…What?!

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  1. Hmmm…seems your weekends are even more busy than other days. With the mix of activities you listed, looks like you’ve got it rounded up nicely… I’d only advise you squeeze in some time to just kick back…even it’s for a few hours.
    Thanks for sharing!


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