Hi there fashionistas,

I trust you’ve been having a #fabfeb and I hope the last post proved useful. My editor came up with the brilliant idea that I should do a post on how young people can dress to exude confidence and I couldn’t have been any more pleased.

I often come across people who on sight appear to be lacking in confidence and doubtful about themselves and capabilities even before they have a chance to speak. Truth is your great personality or wits take the back seat when it comes to making first impressions…your appearance is what comes first.

Good scenarios to drive this point home include interview session say for a job or even on talent shows. Truth is the way you look and act determines people’s perception about you. So many people lose out on opportunities just because they don’t look the part.

Interestingly, if one can get past the look, most of these people are actually quite capable and possibly more so than those who seem confident. Remember the saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression…well in most cases this is true! More confident people are said to be more successful in life.

This post isn’t exactly about tips on how to be confident but rather on how to use your dressing as a tool to help exude the confidence that shows you are can do the job/task at hand. I am going to give you a few tips that will help ensure that you are always looking so confident; you can’t but get the job/opportunity you desire!


  • Tip 1Educate yourself on the appropriate kind of dressing for different situations. Some times you’d need to look corporate, casual or even business casual. Use the internet to find what these looks entail, look up pictures on examples.


  • Tip 2Look neat irrespective of the style you are going for. From your hair and grooming down to your shoes, let neatness be evident.



  • tumblr_m82x7aj7cc1qfjxxsWear clothes that fit right. Trust me on this- overly tight clothes make you look bigger while baggy/ill-fitting clothes send the signal that one is sloppy or lazy. Good fit helps you exude confidence.





  • Get a role model. Is there someone you think always looks confident? Study them; if possible approach them for advice. Get a notepad where you take down notes of what looks you think will work best and help make you look more confident; it could be a great blazer or even a pair of heels. (Below, Kate Middleton and Harvey Specter from Suits, exude confidence! You can too).





  • iStock_000016533294XSmallClean out your closet periodically. Faded clothes usually don’t send the message of confidence you are going for. Don’t wear the same clothes for five years (if you have the option), give out to charity every once in a while!




  • Finally, ask confident dressers for their honest opinion and advice. Nothing helps like good advice! You could also consider paying for professional stylist services! Having an expert’s help would help immensely.




So, that’s it guys! This list is by no means all there is to dressing to exude confidence, but it’s a start. It does not happen overnight; it’s a process so be patient with yourself. Also remember, some times less is more. Got some tips for pulling off a confident look? Kindly share with the online community- besides, who says we all can’t look fab?

Have a great weekend!





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