Comment ‘Contest’: “To The Sperm Cells”


That topic that had most of us giggling back in secondary school. Those who never asked questions at the end of class all suddenly became super-eager to learn as they questioned often embarrassed biology teachers.

Well, if you’re like me, you paid rapt attention in those classes- I can almost imagine your eyes riveted to your teacher as she/he explained the intricate process leading up to the formation and birth of new life. Good student. You’ll also recall that during sex, millions of sperm cells were released by your father into your mum’s body (ever thought about that before? who ever does? hmmm). One of those tiny fellows beat the others to it and fertilized your mummy’s egg cell. That tiny fellow is reading this post today.

Today, I’d like you to think about something you’ve probably never considered before. Each of those sperm cells YOU competed against was a potential human (could you pause right there and reread that last sentence?). That’s deep.

That means if another little guy had landed at the ‘Egg Port’ before you, well…..

Thankfully, YOU won that race. But what if you could actually write a note or give a brief address to those other sperm cells? Knowing what you now know on this side of existence, what would you say to them? Picture a conference room filled with those other little guys you beat to get here. You walk up to the platform and there’s pin drop silence. They’re all waiting to hear from this winner- afterall, they’d never experience life on this side. What will you say to them?

I asked a few friends this wierd question and these are their answers. Enjoy as you read and when you’re done, don’t forget to leave your note to the sperm cells. Happy reading!

Lizzy, forgetting it was a competition said she would say:

‘I won!, thank you for giving me the opportunity!’

And still in her warm way she added

‘I’ll tell them I’ll live in such a way as would make them glad it was I who made it out!’

Muzha said:

“I’m unbeatable.

Then he adds “I’m gonna tell em how lucky they were not to have been here, Cos its tough.Well they could be fortunate nevertheless”

Chidi said:

“That I didn’t regret beating them; that My Mom whose egg I fertilized is the best in the world!”

Kene said:

“I really don’t know…there will be guys and ladies…so maybe if truly it is as they say….many people…and I came here…then I would say I am here not by any special ability of mine….but just that God needed and wanted me here now at this particular time. Truth is they’ll be here eventually as God must have other great places and families for them to be in and be a blessing…”

Ik said:

“Wow. It’s good to see you guys again. I’d have said I’m sorry you didn’t make it, but then I’d be lying. Cos’ I’m so so excited I won that day some 20-something years ago! It’s really humbling when I realise it could have easily been any one of you who got there first. Life on this side has been beautiful; sure there’s been ups and downs but I’m loving it- you probably would too if you were in my shoes. Uhmm… I wish you guys the best of luck and ermmm…*out of words*. Byeee”

What would YOU say if you had a chance to address them? Kindly share this with your friends and see how they respond to this interesting question. Looking forward to your comments!

Editor’s comment: The G360 Team is yet to finally decide on this, but the person who comments with the most witty,original note to the other sperm cells may (just may) win a prize (don’t expect a Porsche Cayan, a round trip to Dubai or anything like that…loll). Who knows? Out of the crowd, you (yes YOU) might just be the lucky one- again.


11 thoughts on “Comment ‘Contest’: “To The Sperm Cells”

Add yours

  1. Ding! Ding Ding!
    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please.

    After a careful review of all comments submitted in this contest, the Grow360 panel of judges have reached a decision. We have a winner. And the winner is….

    *drum roll*

    *another drum roll…lolll*

    Kenneth K-faKto!!!!!! Congrats Ken! You’ve won our first ever contest! Great job! A member of our team will contact you shortly so you can claim your prize. Please be kind enough to post a comment here when you get it.

    To every other contestant, thanks so much for participating. Hope you had fun pondering over that question. Look out for our next contest which promises to be more intriguing. You CAN keep this going by sharing with your friends to hear how they’d respond. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.
    Love y’all loads!


  2. I would say-well ladies n gents,it may have looked like a race,but I knw it was just all of u aiding me 2 get 2 d finish line(u were my 1st crowd of witnesses),u knew I had just d exact genetic component on dads side 2 measure up wit d genetic component on mums side 4 d fulfilment of d assignment God had long ordained,2 bring solution loong awaited 2 a problem.I recognize that I would never hv made it witout u guys,cuz u gave just d rite atmosphere n condition 4 u all fulfilled ur assignment,and by his grace I’d fulfil mine…that’s what I’d say


  3. I would say:
    I did not win by my own ability,it was strictly a Grace job,like we all know there was no athletic tutorial before d ‘competition’ but guys its been a different ball game on planet earth.You must add to work to d available Grace,a contionous desire for knowledge and most importantly I ve come to Love all other victors i met here. . . .that’s just afew things dat will help in case you get here too.Cheers!


  4. Ehrm.. Hey guys! I want you to know that am not here cos I am the best, but simply because I was chosen a long time before now to be the winner, I won this race because I was the least qualified, its not all about strength, and even tho you guys looked down on me, I won! 😉 I now go into the world knowing that I am an overcomer, I expect many more challenges, more jeers and discouragement. But I am sure to come out tops again, because I know someone you all don’t know; God! I advice that you meet him, and who knows, you may be next on this podium.. But for now, its my turn to go first and make an unforgettable impact 🙂


  5. I wud say:
    I know u guys wud kick and bite with frowns on ur faces and wrinkled foreheads at all those times u watched me messing up the opportunity of existence and the free gift of life given to me. I know u guys wud av though,”this dude wasn’t even as fast as I was but somehow he managed to make it to THAT PLACE of opportunities; yes! Opportunity”.
    But I av really dissappointed you people and failed God uncountable times but He keeps giving me a second chance here on earth. It shouldn’t av been me BUT God said ‘Kenneth, it’s ur turn to GO and fufill purpose”.
    So I’d say to u guys, “guys, my life is a passage, watch me while I learn weneva I make a mistake; as I rise whenever I fall. I can make it, I’ll make it. I’ll fufill purpose and every mistakes I av made wud be worth it. SEE, I’m already doing it”. #Smiles.
    I’M GLAD IT WAS ME. Thank you Lord God Almighty.


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