As promised, today we begin a 5-part series of mini-posts on practical steps to designing a great day- every day. This is for everyone who’s tired of just having ‘fine’ days and would like to have more ‘incredible’, ‘impactful’, ‘superb’ and meaningful days. Some of these may be what you’re already practicing, others may sound new but these tips have been proven in countless great lives. They’re simple- but that’s just the point.

Remember, we learn best by sharing- so pass this around your network of friends cos they’ll need it too- and know someone else who does and on and on. Alright then, let’s find out. What does it take to design a great day? Enjoy!

For some of us, the first part of this post’s title made you smile. Yes youe’ve seen it- the classic comedy Coming To America starring Eddie Murphy. Do you recall that particular scene? We’d rather just show you right here.

good morning my neighbours

Eddie wakes up, excited to be in America and decides to show it by saying good morning to the entire neighbourhood. Recall the nasty reply he got? Today, we begin a week-long series of mini-posts on what it takes to have a great day- everyday. Some of it you may know already, some you’re practicing and others may be fresh ideas to you. Wherever they fall, we hope these tips make meaning to you and add valuable insights to enrich your existence.



That’s right. A great day begins before it starts. Although our lives are broken into days, it’s really one continuum of existence so that what happened yesterday can (NOT must) affect today.

A great day starts the night before, so to make the day ‘wow’, we’d recommend that you:

  • Get adequate rest and sleep the previous night. Yes, the spirit may be willing, but if the body is weak, sorry. Your body is designed to rest periodically to recharge and repair itself in preparation for the next season of activity (usually the next day), so take time to rest and sleep.

Now we understand that ‘adequate rest’ is a relative term. Some sleep for just 3-4 hours and they’re good to go as soon as they get up while others need a heavy-duty crane to peel them off the sheets after 8 hours of snoozing. Plus some coffee for good measure.

While there’s no hard and fast rule about this, here’s what we’ve found- truly great men and women in ALL fields of endeavour DO NOT sleep excessively. A friend of Grow360’s editor once shared his shock at how some young people sleep 8-9 hours almost every day. “Are they rehearsing death?” he wondered aloud. Well, he’s entitled to his opinion.

To have a great day, your body needs enough energy to carry you through the day and one way to ensure that it does is to give it adequate rest as necessary.

So Tip #1 for a great day, every day: GET ADEQUATE REST. See you tomorrow at 6:55am for Tip #2. Until then, do have a superb day!


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