Hope you loved yesterday’s tip about getting adequate rest. Today, we add one more rung to the great day, every day ladder.


How we start the day is so, so important.

Practice the art of saying ‘thank you’ as one of your first words (and thought!) when you wake up in the morning. Express your gratitude for life and the gift of another day.

We’d suggest you resist the urge to ‘attack the day’ as soon as your feet hit the floor. Instead, block out a few minutes to just express gratitude. This is somewhat different from your regular devotion. Just scan through your world and express your appreciation to God for the gift of family, the gift of friends and friendship, love, health, even a place to sleep. We’re sure you can expand that list. Surround yourself with the joy that comes with being grateful. It’ll work wonders for your emotions and outlook on the day.

Remember what we said in the introduction yesterday- these tips are simple but extremely powerful. Now you’re designing a great day for yourself. Good job!

Do This Today: Take out a few minutes to genuinely, sincerely just thank the Lord for certain specific people/events/things in your life today. Do it now.

So we’ve got 2 tips now: adequate rest and sleep and the practice of gratitude first thing in the morning.

See you again tomorrow at 6:55am for the next tip- promises to be exciting. Catch ya!


2 thoughts on “How To Have A Great Day, Every Day [Tip #2]

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  1. Pls can I always get it on my phone every morning before I set out for the day. My phone no is 0805 401 2938. I will be grateful if this is granted to me. Thanks


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