Good morning Friend,

We hope you had a refreshing night (remember tip #1?). Aren’t you just grateful to see another beautiful day? Our ladder gets a third rung today- we’re making great progress.


Nothing sets you up for an impactful day like spending some time in meditation and prayer. Design your morning schedule to have time for bible reading, meditation and prayer. It can’t be stressed enough- there’s something reading the word of God at the start of the day does to you. It just programs you for effectiveness and fills you with inner strength to live as a shiny example in an increasingly selfish and cruel world. It configures you for an excellent day.

Meditation isn’t some mystical exercise- it simply means to think deeply, to reflect. As part of your morning routine, think about how what you read from your bible can be practically applied today- how can I let this affect my thoughts, words, actions and habits today? Reflect on that. That’s how we’re changed by the word- by meditating on it and allowing it to sink and seep through to the core of our being. And it’s best done in the morning- to set the right tone for the day.

As you meditate, you’ll come to understand God’s perspective on issues more clearly. You’ll receive instruction, direction and correction. You’ll see his hand working through the circumstances in your life, whatever they are. Probably you’re going through a rough season, in the time of meditation, you can experience his soothing comfort and wisdom to help you deal with the challenge. Take note that in your time of meditation, you’re not thinking about problems- no. You’re reflecting on God’s word, his person and his awesome promises. My personal experience has taught me (sometimes painfully!) the importance of taking some time to study, meditate and pray before stepping out. Trust me, this works- every single time.

Also remember to pray- especially for others. It sets you in selfless mode. I know you’ve got needs but try not to make your prayers all about you. Pray specifically for those who you know are passing through a challenge. Mention their names to God and pray for them with as much passion as you would for yourself. There’s power in praying for others (see Job 42:10).
There’s also incredible power in speaking God’s word over yourself. The bible is loaded with ah-mazing promises for you- so go ahead and say what the word says. It’s your right as a young believer. Candid advice: Don’t leave your day blank. Never start your day without taking some time to speak some of those incredible promises and realities in the word over your life and destiny. This exercise fires up your mind and spirit with confidence and inspiration to win all through the day. It works.

Do this: Find a bible reading plan or set up one for yourself to guide your private bible reading/study either by topic or by the books of the bible. Don’t try to do too much at once. A chapter prayerfully read and meditated on at dawn is a great place to start. Do this today.

Your great day ladder is already looking beautiful- we’ve got a few more rungs left though. Have you been sharing these mini-posts with your friends? They’ll appreciate it too. You’ve done a good job sticking with this series so far- just a couple more posts and we’ve got you nicely set up. Have an incredible day!


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