Welcome to Day 4 in this 5-day series of mini-posts. You’ve done well thus far, sticking with this series.

What does it take to have a great day, every day? We’ve shared 3 tips already- now on to tip #4.


Nothing makes a day more fulfilling than doing what you said you’d do. You’ve got to have a plan for the day. It doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy- but you’ve got to have one. As part of the planning process, mentally run through your tasks for the day and envisage their success. See their successful completion in your mind, then back up and think about the process leading up to that successful end. During this process, difficulties you didn’t really think about may pop up and you can design your strategies for fixing them.

Now this may sound complex and long-winded but it’s really simple. What you need to really make it work is a sense of clarity about what you plan to do and ensuring that you don’t attempt to pack just too many activities into the day. Remember, everything you plan to accomplish for the day will cost you time so factor that into your planning process. You don’t want to rush through stuff only to discover you have to repeat the entire process because of poor output.

Also, you may want to consider the idea of writing down your daily goals on a short list to help you keep track of what’s been done and what’s still pending. Your mobile device is a great place to start (if you’re not sure you’d still have the piece of paper by midday). You may also choose to set reminders (prompts and deadline reminders) on your device for certain activities at specific times during the day. Whatever you choose to do, the end game is the same- to ensure you keep track of the day and manage your time to actually get things done. This will take discipline and practice to master- but that’s exactly the point.

Great days more often than not are the result of proper planning and disciplined execution. They’re not products of random, fortunate coincidence- you CAN have a great day even when nothing obviously ‘spectacular’ occurs. Now go design yourself a wow day.

We’ve got a teeny tiny survey right here. 10 seconds and you’re done. Thank you!


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