Wow you made it! This is the last in the series of mini-posts on how to design a great day, every day. Hope you’ve been enriched over the past 4 days. Guess we’ve saved the best for last. Enjoy!


It’s easy to get so caught up in our daily agenda that we forget to actually be nice to people- until we need their help. Being caring, courteous and kind is really, r-e-a-l-l-y one of the ‘BESTEST’ ways to have a fantastic day, every day.  You’ll agree with us on this- the joy that comes from helping someone selflessly (just for the purpose of being kind- not as a bargaining chip to be pulled out later) is simply indescribable. There’s this cute little line: In 3 things we become most like God- in giving, in loving and forgiving.

Practice being considerate and polite to others- just for the fact that they’re people just like you too. Irrespective of how self-centered the world around you is, show that you’re living by a higher standard.

Smile at people when you greet them. Pay a sincere compliment. Help out a stranger who’s struggling with a heavy load at the bus stop. Make room for the elderly on the queue. Cheer up a colleague at work. Speak words that build up others. Love people genuinely from your heart.

It’s so easy to have a great day when we become others-focused. It’s not always about you, dear friend. You might say, well, if I’m looking out for others, who’ll look out for me? Believe this, when you practice a lifestyle of being caring, compassionate and courteous, life itself will ensure that someone, somewhere will look out for you. If there was a better way to describe it, we would but that’s just how we can explain this. Somehow, kindness is the hardest thing to give away- it just has a way of returning in multiplied form-  guess it’s just the law of sowing and reaping at work.

So there you have it. All 5 tips for a great day, every day.

#1: Get adequate rest the night before.

#2: Start every day with gratitude.

#3: Meditate on the word and pray (for others also).

#4: Plan your day- and stick with it.

#5: Be caring, courteous and helpful.

Of course, there may be more but even by just following these tips we’ve shared over the last 5 days, you’ll see amazing changes in the quality of your days and by extension, the quality of your life. We encourage yo to review these mini-posts as often as you need to on your journey towards becoming the Best You.

Do have a superb day and a gorgeous weekend ahead!


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