G-Style: Less Is More Vs. More Is More

(The Simple vs. Risk taker)
Hi Fashionista,
There’s a ‘fashion rule’ that states ‘Less is More’…but recently, I have been pondering on that…who set this ‘rule’ and why? Is less always truly more?
While thinking about it, I realized that when it comes to style, there is usually a great divide; some people are all about that simple and understated look, (either not wanting to draw any attention to themselves or in other cases, going for a simple but chic not-trying-too-hard look). On the other hand, there are others who are risk takers, willing to go all out, pile it on and experiment with style. What makes us this way, I am not entirely sure but it’s probably a mix of our personalities, experiences, newly acquired knowledge et al.
Miroslava-DumaNow, there are pros and cons for both categories. If you are more of the simple dresser, the pros include ease of dressing (as a result of the routine) and the cons include the tendency to be boring and get stuck in a style rut.


For the risk taker, pros include that you actually have fun with it and strike gold sometimes while for cons, it could end up being a total miss and without a good eye for style or good style advice, it could become a trend for you (where you become known for over doing it in a distasteful way).
I, on the other hand find myself on team Less is More…lol. Recently, I realized I was getting stuck in a bit of a style rut…though always going for that easy breezy, understated chic look; I wasn’t inspired by any of my looks. To turn this around, I decided to get re-inspired… Armed with a stack of fashion magazines, I cut out pictures of fashion looks that inspired me and started to try them out with my personal twist and I think I am on the way to finding my style peace again… Definitely evolving, yet in all of this I have remained on the simple side.At some point in my life, I personally will like to go ‘crazy experimental’ with my style.

So you’ve heard my story… I’ll like to hear yours. What are your thoughts on this? What side would you rather take and why? (Please leave your comments below!).


-G-Style Lead Writer

P.S: So is less more or is more more? Take a look at these photos and decide for yourself.






5 thoughts on “G-Style: Less Is More Vs. More Is More

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  1. This is a lovely article, I never really thot about the pros and cons of dressing less or more. I also think less is more but sometimes you should switch things up aswell so one doesn’t look too bland.

    I’d love to see a few “crazy experiments” tho. Lol

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  2. Personally, “less is more” works for me. *covers face*. I always tend to play safe. Not a risk taker. Nice write up tho.


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