He Doesn’t Need To Be Gingered!

The bus jolted suddenly, interrupting my travelling thoughts. Passengers from the front to the rear hissed and moaned as they adjusted in their seats. Some blamed the state of the road while others faulted the driver’s irrational speed.

“I nor even know where e dey rush go sef, we never late na” someone pointed out.

As everyone tried to forget the temporary inconvenience, a man, possibly in his late thirties stood up. His left hand leaned on his now vacant seat, skillfully steadying him against the next inevitable bump while his right hand hung just a short distance away from his mouth, waiting to catch any stray saliva.

“People of God, we must learn how to pray o”, he bellowed over the searing sound of the diesel engine.

“If you want to see the fulfillment of prophecy in your life, you must not allow God to rest! You must learn how to disturb Baba God so He can put your miracle in your hand”

Those words stunned me! I couldn’t believe I’d just heard. My shock was amplified as I looked around me- almost everyone was nodding in agreement! But it was difficult to wrap my mind around this ‘new’ bit of information. I found it hard to understand why I had to ‘disturb’ God, the Prince of Peace, my Father, before He moved in my affairs. In all fairness though, he must have been trying to speak about the importance of persistence in the believer’s prayer life.

But then again, isn’t it true that many of us live with the perspective of needing to ‘disturb’ God in our quest for answers to prayers? We may never say those exact words used by the preacher on the bus but our actions and attitude betray us. Our lips may probably not say so but our actions seem to unveil an interesting perspective.

We probably view God as one extremely busy executive up there in the skies. We envision His throne as a beehive of activities with angels flapping frantically from one spot to the other, sorting out answers to the billions of requests from planet earth. We see God as one very busy fellow with no second to spare, every minute filled up with the urge to meet pressing needs from all over the world.

Just thinking about the sheer number of petitions before Him make us feel lost, like a grain of sand in the desert. So we choose to do something about it- we strategise how we can get His attention. We think about ways to outdo the other petitioners and convince Him of the urgency of our need.

So we pray longer, sometimes even getting up at night to ‘bombard heaven’. We stay away from our meals; secretly hoping this move would prove the degree of our desperation and move Him to respond to us ahead of the snoring or feasting bunch. We sow ‘dangerous seeds’; hoping to ‘provoke God’ into ‘releasing our breakthroughs’. Are these exercises bad in themselves? Not at all! They form an indispensable part of the life of the believer.

But do we really need to ‘ginger’ Him before He blesses us? Is it possible that we’ve taken our experiences at the hands of human authority figures and mindlessly transferred that same attitude to our relationship with the Almighty? Could it be that somehow, we’ve bought into the idea that in order to get God’s attention, we have to impress Him with certain spiritual exercises?

Dear friend, there’s this question that absolutely blows my mind everytime I read it. I’d like to ask you that same question right now. It’s found in Romans 8:32

“He who did not spare His own son, but gave him up for us all- how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?”

Doesn’t that question strike a sharp contrast against the popular perspective shared by believers today? Isn’t it funny that we’re trying to get God’s attention when the word already says that the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayer” (1 Peter 3:12)?

Why do we feel the need to ‘bombard heaven’ with ‘powerful prayers’when the word already assures us of His undivided attention? Could it be that we possibly have not yet come to the realization of what our relationship with God really entails? Could it be that somehow, we still view Him as being inaccessible just like earthly kings and presidents? Could it be that maybe, just maybe, we’re living with the subconscious logic that securing God’s attention is a battle for the survival of the loudest?

Think about this. How much did we bombard heaven before Jesus came to redeem us? How many ‘seriousness-proving’ acts did we have to display before the very son of God chose to go through the most grueling suffering and eventual death just so you and I could be reconnected to the Father? Now if we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to trigger the greatest sacrifice of all time, why do we suddenly feel obligated to do something to impress God?

Do you know how much he loves you? Have you ever taken the time to even make an attempt to understand His affection for you?  It’s absolutely mind-shifting. Thinking about thinking about it alone excites me sooo much I can barely contain myself!  I wish you’d get this truth! He doesn’t need to be gingered. He’s already super-gingered about blessing you! Quit trying to convince Him of your desperation for certain things. The man who invented cars knew they’d run on fuel. If a man could do that, how much more the Grand Master of the Universe?

Oh, this thought is simply incredible. That the most powerful being of all ages knows me personally! As in (forgive my use of a clichéd phrase), the One who designed the sun, that’s over 100 times the size of the earth knows m-mm-m-m-ee-e-eee! And He knows you too. He’s so ‘crazy’ about every detail of your life that He numbered every strand of hair on your head (Matthew 10:30). He knows that hair No. 3,248 fell off last night while you were asleep!  Now that’s what I call L-to-the-OVE.

So cheer up my friend, and relax in His love. Know that your heavenly Father is not irresponsible. If He created the rivers before creating fishes, then be confident that everything, and I mean ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING required for your beautiful existence has been packaged before your arrival. As Grow360 seeks to inspire and challenge you to become the very best version of yourself, understand that ALL that you need to move from potential to performance has ALREADY been arranged by God.

Approach each day with this consciousness. Let it colour your attitude in the face of challenges. Let it inform your choice of words. Let it affect the content of your prayers. So the next time someone tells you you need to bombard heaven to secure your heart desires, look at them with all the love you can muster and with a smile on your face, simply say these words- He doesn’t need to be gingered!

Keep growing!

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