Go Femi, It’s Your BirthDay!!!

Uhmmm, before I start sowing lyrics in your mind with the title of this blog, I berra just stop right there…loll. Oh wow, I don’t know if you can tell but I’m super-excited to write this today, to say a very big Happy BirthDay to my special friend, brother, partner (not that other kind o…loll…14 years nor be joke), advisor and team mate, Oluwafemi Koyi aka FM aka Kay Fammo aka Femillionaire aka (Femi, you remember that name Morakz used to call you in Corpers’ Lodge…loll)

What a blessing you’ve been in my life Sir! And to think that we almost never met! What would that have been like?

I recall I was one of those who desperately prayed that NYSC should be scrapped before I graduated because I just couldn’t see its relevance to present realities- but guess God had other plans. I’ll climb the highest mountain to say this without any trace of flattery:


You know it’s funny- we were never supposed to meet, remember? Those people flung you to Gombe to serve your fatherland but God knew there was one lean guy in Ibadan at that same time that needed to connect with someone like you- and He arranged it beautifully via Monday Onuh (where’s that guy now sef?).

The connection was almost instant- the thought patterns, the proactive approach to life, the perspectives and life direction just clicked and in less that 5 months, it seemed we’d been acquainted for 5 years. In you, I found a real life example of how to turn good thoughts and plans to concrete steps and decisive actions. In you Sir, I saw how to really walk the walk and not just talk the talk or write the words. God bless you.

As you mark another birthday today (guy you don dey old o…loll), it is my prayer that the fullness of God’s plan for you will keep unfolding in beautiful dimensions. I pray that your dreams will come true; that love, laughter and true happiness will fill your days. And should it ever get cloudy around you (wish they wouldn’t but those days do come, don’t they?), I pray you find the courage, strength and wisdom to pull through and come out on the other side, wiser and stronger- just like you always have.

God bless you Bro. From my heart, and from everyone else on the Grow360 Team, we wish you a Happy, Happy (one more won’t hurt..loll) and Happy Birthday!

Yes Boss! Twaile!

Your friend and brother,




Oluwafemi Koyi (or simply Femi as we like to call him)is a pioneer member of the Grow360 Team. His articles feature in the Careers, Money & Business column. Check out a few of them below:

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