ShoutOut To JAde On HeR BirThDay!!!


J. Camp

So I said to myself, “Self, no matter how busy you are today, you MUST cut out a slice of time to wish your one and only ‘FExpert’ (she knows what I mean) a Happy, Happy BirthDay”. What follows oozed as a freestyle from my heart…flowed through my fingers…to the keyboard…then to your heart. Hope you like it J.

Dear Jade,

I may not be in the best poetic mood

to leave you words that shine as the moon

I may not have the loveliest lines

to share my heart as I’d like

But know this, that you’re loved,

appreciated and truly adored

May this day mark your entrance

into new realms of shimmering radiance

May your light shine through the darkness

and fill your world with sweetness.

Dear Friend, it’s an honour to know you

a rare honour indeed, to have a friend a like you.

Happy Birthday ‘JaJa’..loll



For Team G360

P.S: DHL my cake to Lagos o!

Jade is a pioneer member of Team G360 and serves as the lead blogger on the Fashion&Style column.


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