Defining Personal Boundaries


This is going to be short and sharp. Here we go.

I once heard a cute line from a movie (or was it a sitcom? *thinking* uhmm…really can’t recall). Anyways, I heard this line somewhere and it stuck. It goes:

“Good fences make good neighbours”

While some may debate the literal validity of that statement, it’s underlying message is loud and clear- sharply defined boundaries are vital to great relationships- across all levels.

It’s cool to be friendly and accessible, but always know where to draw the line. Prioritize your relationships to determine who gets what level of access. Define boundaries- who is allowed to go where? who has the right to know what? who can talk to you in a particular way? who gets to call you what? who can touch you where (Ladies take note!)? Very important.

Prior to this time, I always felt a tinge of guilt whenever I had to turn someone down or knock off an attempt at closeness/friendship or rebuff a gesture I didn’t find funny but you know what? The process of maturity has taught me otherwise.

We have to know when to say no; when to close up certain details about ourselves and shut out (that’s right, shut OUT) certain individuals. Not that they are bad or anything like that; just in your estimation, their clearance level ain’t high enough to gain admission into that zone.

Do you have ‘fences’ in your life? Keep them in good shape. Know who to let in and be clear about your boundaries. Some may get the wrong ideas, but  never mind. As long as you stay humble yet resolutely firm about it, in the long run, you’ll be better for it.

What’s your reaction to today’s blog? I’d love to read your comments. Thank you!

Live by Design. 

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