Only A Stupid Man…!

Each man hogged a corner seat in the airy Lexus. Four guys, all alone. The casual gist played around different topics, spiced up by the occasional joke, especially from ‘El’ who seemed to be the chief speaker. El’s the kind of guy you want around when boredom was not on your to-do list; his animated gestures and storytelling prowess, vocal inflections and wicked sense of humour were always a delight-some experience.

One gist led to another and relationship issues popped up. To cut a long story very short, El propounded a theory thus:  “It is only a stupid man that  will let his wife know all his secret”. Of course, he buttressed this view with real life experiences from others and some personal close encounters (El is married).

That got me thinking about the subject of secrecy in relationships (marriage especially). I’d like to know your candid position on this: Is it really stupidity to let your spouse in on your ‘secrets’? Picture yourself as a married person (if you aren’t already)- could you have certain personal info you’d consider too private to share with your spouse? What’s your take on secrecy in (marriage) relationships?

Ladies and Gentlemen, have your say. Let the comments roll in.

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23 thoughts on “Only A Stupid Man…!

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  1. Ik,what am saying is there very few things that truely die without resurrecting somehw in one form or the other,therefore burying secrets are nt the safest.
    Personally,the way out is to do it Afraid and in this case say it afraid.


  2. @Convenant, I do agree with u. But how much “truth” and “openess” and “oneness” is our heart really ready to receive? Most times, we just aren’t ready for what comes out as the “Ugly Truth” hence the slang “some truths are better left Buried” But like I always say ‘its not supose to be easy if its gonna be worthwhile’ ………..Truth still remains our best BET. Thanks for the Insightful comment


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