Career Tips For Teens 3: Temperament Type, Personality and Career Choice: How Do They Interact?


How have you been? I’m sure you’ve enjoyed our Career Series so far. Remember, it’s not just about learning or knowing- doing is what counts in the end. Alright, let’s get on with Tip #3.

There are billions of people on earth. Interestingly though, there are amazing similarities among us.

Modern psychological research has produced a classification system that assigns all of us into one of four basic temperaments which leads to one of 16 personality types. So what does this mean to you?
Part of defining who you are is your unique temperament and personal style. These are personal attributes that refer to your character, personality or disposition. Your temperament relates to the way you think, feel and act in different situations and towards other people, for example, are you punctual, enthusiastic, energetic, and sincere?

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It is important that you have an insight into your own unique traits as it can help you improve personal relationships, find your ideal job, and accomplish life goals. Furthermore, in relation to career choices, knowing your temperament and personal style plays a significant role in your ability to perform a task, to determine the kind of people you work best with or the amount of satisfaction you get from a particular job.
The theory says that all of us display one of four temperaments (as it relates with likely career choices): The Artisan, The Guardian, The Idealist, and The Rational (bet you’ve never heard this before, right?). Each has its own core values and behaviors. Preferences also play a big part in each temperament. These preferences often determine which career path will prove most rewarding and successful for each of us.
Here are some very simplified guidelines about temperaments and the careers that often provide happiness and success for them. This is just a general guide so there are still exceptions.

Artisans:  Possess musical, artistic, and literary skills. Prefer careers where there is some risk involved and where they can make an impact: actors, performers, surgeons, athletes, stunt people, artists and others.

Guardians: Love to guard the welfare of the social unit and are frequently fond of police work, elementary teaching, security work, nursing, and related health services.

Idealists: Are big on meaning and significance and helping others become what they need to be. They like the ministry, counseling, psychology, social work, writing, and college teaching.

Rationals: Have a hunger for knowledge and control over nature. They like to be lawyers, architects, college professors, scientists, economists, and philosophers.

Take the time to find out who you are. It can save you much stress and money later when the meter starts running in future. Oh, yes. Finding out who you are, yourself, isn’t such a bad idea either.

Note– This does not comprise a complete analysis of ideal careers for individuals, and does not guarantee success or failure at any occupation. As we know, individuals vary greatly. However, we certainly encourage personal self-knowledge and research in your quest to live up to your fullest.

Artisan. Guardian. Idealist. Rational

So look at that list again and tell us. Where do you belong? You might want to share this with a few friends to find out what they think too.

Next Week On Teens Lifestyle: Preparation Tips For Teens Choosing A Career. We’ve got something fresh. See ya!



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