ShoutOut To Henry On His BirthDay!!!

Henry Nwoke

I don’t think there are too many people who could make me want to worship at the Teens’ Chapel rather than the main church auditorium on a sunday. This dude actually made me do that- for about 4 straight weeks (and other times too)!  That’s how impactful this he is.

On one of those my ‘wierd’ sundays, I felt compelled to experience a sunday service at the Teens Chapel. Snuggling between 14 or 15 year-old kids (the advantage of youthful looks…loll), I heard you teach for the first time. It felt like “where was this fellow before I turned 18?”

You challenged and inspired as you taught those youngsters life principles from God’s word in a relaxed, funny, contemporary yet deeply spiritual way. “I’ve got to know this guy”, I said to myself. And what a joy it has been.

On this very special day, as you mark another birthday, everything in me prays for you and wishes you the best year you’ve ever had. May the blessings of heaven flood your life and bring you into richer experiences of wisdom, favour and unction.

Henry, it may seem right now that you’re working in the background- but I am too sure that as you stay faithful in doing what you do best- reaching and teaching teens, the fulness of your ah-mazing destiny will unfold. You are changing lives. You are shaping destinies. You are making an eternal difference. I’ve seen it and I know it.

For every kid that finds the true path

For every teen that lives a great life

For every soul you touch with God’s light

A thousand times over shall the rewards come.

Happy birthday to you Henry! The best of you is just up ahead (-and you know it!)





Henry serves as Grow360’s lead blogger on our Teens’ LifeStyle category.


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