Career Tips For Teens 4: Preparation Tips for Teenagers choosing a career


Our Career series has been building up steam over the past few weeks. Today, we take off from where we stopped last time. Enjoy!

Teenage years are the ideal time to explore different options before deciding on the best option for you. It may take a long time to decide on a career, and you can change your mind at any step of the process. Do not feel obligated to go ahead with an initial choice, even when you find that you are no longer as interested in it as they once were. Many people end up in the right career for them accidentally or just doing what they love and getting paid for it.

Parents or guardians may be helpful as you know well and can suggest possible careers based on their personality, interests and strengths. Ask them for advice, but make sure they are not imposing their wishes on you. Parents and guardians can also help to show some aspect of his career in recent years. Do you want to emulate them, or want to do something completely different? Think about the reasons for your answer, and explore careers that support those reasons.
Career counselors help advice people on the right path to take for immediate and future goals. You can make an appointment with them and have a discussion about their concerns about choosing the right career. They can be helpful if you are completely unsure about what to do or already have several options being considered. They also have personality tests you can take to help reveal their strengths and career best for you.
We all want to do something that we are good at. You may think of  things you enjoy, such as fashion design public speaking, or sales, and find careers that rely primarily on those skills.
Some people aspire to have time to spend with their families and therefore rule out careers that involve a lot of travel, such as those with the aviation industry and high profile medical careers. Others want to make sure they are well off, therefore, looking for careers that offer higher compensation compared to others. You should think about what kind of life would make YOU happy and try to find a career to suit that purpose.
Find out all you can about the different careers before settling on one. You can do research on the Internet. Make sure the information you find is up to date. Find out what kind of education you need, how you will finance your education and how many years it may take to settle in this area. These questions can help you narrow your choices to decide on the best career for you.

But after all said and done, how do you respond when your parents disagree with you career choice? We’ll answer that question next week. It’s the final part of this Career Series for this month. Don’t miss it for anything!


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