The Irresponsible God

Shocking title, I know. How dare I describe the sovereign, magnificent, eternally benevolent, loving Father of lights with such despicable adjective? How dare I tread the boundaries of outright blasphemy by choosing to attach such irreverent description to the most amazing being in all galaxies? How dare this blogger call God irresponsible? You might fume.

Uhmmm *scratching the back of my head*. Dear reader, I didn’t call Him irresponsible. Maybe you did.

What? You not only insult divinity’s character, you dare label me disrespectful? You’ve got some nerve!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up for just a minute. Before you burst that artery popping out the side of your neck, allow me to explain.

Like I said, I didn’t call God irresponsible. Maybe you did. Hush. I’m not done.

See, the thing is, you didn’t actually ‘call’ Him that (cos you really don’t think He is).

But you did.

I mean your actions did. Good. Now that you’re attentive, I’ll explain.

See, our actions speak louder than our words. What we say is not half as important as what we do. Here’s what I mean.

Many times, many of us act like God is irresponsible; that He cannot be trusted to do what He said he would. We hear what he says, we come across the instructions, we read the incredible promises, somewhere, in the back of our heads, we vaguely know that He’s able to do ‘stuff’- but we act the opposite way. And remember- actions speak louder than words.

So He tells us ‘call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you’ [1], yet our mental speed dial is filled with mum’s, dad’s, big uncle’s or mentor X’s ‘number’. And where’s God? Ah there He is. At the end of the list- a last resort ‘when all else fails’. He can’t really, like r-e-a-l-l-y be trusted to deliver when it’s crunch time, so why not check out other more ‘realistic’ options first?That’s calling Him irresponsible.

So He says ‘in all your ways, acknowledge me and I WILL direct your path’ [2], but we would rather consult friends, advice columns and google when we reach life’s crossroads. That’s you calling Him irresponsible.

He says ‘flee fornication…glorify me in your body…because he who does otherwise destroys his own soul’ [3]. Like seriously, God? Do you really mean that? This is 2014 and I’ve got ‘needs’. Sides, it’s only a little squeezing of this and some light fondling of that. C’mon…we’ve got to express affection to some extent, right? Our clothes are still on and no one’s gon’ get pregnant or anything like that. You don’t really expect us to just back off 100%, right God? There. You just told him He’s out of touch with reality. He’s making unreasonable demands. Told you, you called Him irresponsible. Those arteries are starting to subside.

He said ‘he who gets riches by unjust means will leave them or they will leave him in the midst of his days, and at his end he will be a fool’ [4]. Yeah right. You switch on the news channel and there’s that public official who’s an accredited thief being adored by his boisterous bundle of sycophants. There’s that businessman with an undisputable rep for swindling- he’s almost 80 and still in the game.

leave them in the midst of his days. Indeed.

A fool in the end? Huhn, that latest ride doesn’t look so foolish after all. The multi-million dollar mansion doesn’t look so bad. You look at them, you look at what He said. You look at them again. Abeg…if you can’t beat them… Omo na naija be this, all man got to dey sharp. So you become ‘sharp’. There. That’s you calling him irresponsible- again.

I guess you catch my drift- when we fail to take God at His word, we’re in effect saying He’s not responsible enough to be trusted to do what he said. That may sound extreme, but it’s the truth. My challenge to you today, is that you dare to make that #mindshift and align your everyday actions with your so-called beliefs. Let there be harmony between what we say and what we do when it comes down to it.

Who do you truly believe? Whose words/ideas run YOUR life?

Will you dare to trust in His word, even when everything around you is screaming the exact opposite? Or is He too ‘irresponsible’ to take that chance with? Think about it.

Live by Design. 



[1]  Psalm 50:15

[2] Proverbs 3:6

[3] 1 Corinthians 6:18, 20 and Proverbs 6:32

[4] Jeremiah 17: 11 (The Amplified Bible)


5 thoughts on “The Irresponsible God

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  1. Lovely! Lovely!! Lovely!!! A beautiful piece with a very important message. Thanks for sharing this.

    Do we indeed believe God in our hears as we do with our tongue? What value does His will and principle hold to us?

    Indeed this position is not arrive at effortlessly, it comes over a period of meditating on God’s word, patience and trusting, stumbling falling and rising again.

    I pray the sovereign God works in us to will and also do His good pleasure.


  2. Wow! Yeah wow, the writing has gotten that good. Honestly I’m guilty of really calling him irresponsible. I want to hear more on to stop calling him that. Cuz I know some may think it easy to do a three sixty turn but even in life, calling someone you’ve seen as irresponsible responsible comes from a lot of conviction. Please, I pray the next post is on that conviction. Thanks for this beautiful post once more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Joe for being so honest. That’s the first place we must get to – admit how we really see God.
      True, making the switch you mentioned will take more than a casual wish.
      I’ve got good news, Joe. Your prayers will be answered. My next post will be on building that conviction.
      Live by Design.


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