What’s A Friend To Do?

So you’ve been out of work for some time now; actually, you’ve out of work forever– a jobless graduate; sorry another jobless graduate seeking the nearest exit out of the harsh territory called the labour market.

It’s been 3 straight years since you left the NYSC program. You recall the high hopes you stepped out with. P.O.P day felt like your release from prison- time to go change the world and do all those mega stuff the khakis and orange boots didn’t let you get into under the pretext of ‘serving your father(or mother)land’. Ah, those were the good ol’ days. You wish service year could be repeated. Nineteen-eight *wink* ain’t such a bad pay compared to your broke self right now. 36 months and counting…Lord, when will this end?

You’re not alone. Your best friend unluckily is trapped as well. He’s been out for ‘just’ 18 short months though. Awesome dude with brains like Einstein but still can’t find work. Life seems cruel. Your mutual predicament has cemented the friendship- you guys are on the hunt together. As a team, you’ve perfected the art of CV and cover letter drafting. You’ve learned all what employers are looking for in prospective employees. You’ve perfected the art of closing the door behind you, sitting with your back straight, giving the right answers and sending ‘thank you’ aka followup notes after every interview. Still no dice.

Then one day, it happens. You bump into an old friend. Uhmm…not really a friend but that’s what you call everyone after graduation. She’s doing great and you know it. It’s blindingly obvious- the plain chic back then in school has become a classy diva well above your clearance level. Hmmm…time must be a beautician. She asks how you’re faring and desperation forces you to own up quickly and completely. You guys get talking and you divulge that your ‘Einsteinic’ bestie isn’t doing much better either. Probably said that so you wouldn’t look like the only jobless one.

She offers to help- infact, her firm needs someone to fill a slot your skill set matches perfectly. It’s almost too good to be true. You stylishly ask about the ‘package’ and her response gets your heart working overtime to keep you from fainting.

There’s a snag though- your bestie’s skill sets are also a perfect match for the role- and you know Einstein will wipe the floor with your behind on anything cerebral. She hands you a card.

“Call her and explain you got her number from me. She’s easy to talk to and she’s my friend”. A quick glance at the piece of hard paper… Manager, H.R…that’s how far you got before she says goodbye and heads off- in her sleek, air-conditioned ride.

“Tell Wale (that’s Einstein) too. One of you may just get lucky, who knows?” she shrugs with a satisfied smile before shutting the door. You wave goodbye and head home with mixed feelings- self-pity and excitement combine to make a mess of your nerves. Pheeww…could this be your long-awaited breakthrough?

Einstein is waiting for you when you get home. It’s the ritual now- you guys meet every friday evening to strategise for the next week. You mindlessly mention running into plain-girl-turned-diva and talk about how levels don change.

“She even gave me a…” you blurted before your brain could seal your mouth.

“Gave you what?” Einstein asks.

Now you’re caught in a corner. Do you change the subject and keep this info to yourself? Or do you share with ‘Einstein’, knowing he’d blow you away at any interview- and there’s just ONE opening? What would YOU do???


Put yourself in this situation and honestly share what you’d really do. Can’t wait to read your comments below!

Live by Design. 

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9 thoughts on “What’s A Friend To Do?

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  1. This is pretty easy. I ain’t sharing nothing with ‘Einstein’. Why throw such an opportunity to the wind? There is nothing unfair or complicated about it. Would simply tell him there is only one opening and I got it. Very simple.


    1. But remember that your ex-classmate specifically asked that you tell ‘Einstein’ because ONE OF YOU might get lucky. How will you explain Einstein’s absence when you show up at her place of work?


  2. If he knew himself in christ n dat we don’t live by human favour bt by God’s favour he wld av told his friend n base his in God n ask God to take control dat job opening might not get to any of them or probably nt his bt his friends or probably his friends gettin d job cld lead to him getting his n maybe a higher position in another company due to afiliation wif ppl


  3. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!, tough one bro. but what do we really have if we don’t have honour? I will share regardless. What’s gonna be, will be. “A closed hand is a closed life”


      1. Just cos it has been in 36 months doesn’t mean it won’t be for the rest of our glorious life. So y duel in “scarsity state of mind” wen we re created with and for “aboundance state of mind”


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