Super Fans???

Editor’s comment: It’s June, 2014. For football fans, all over the world, it’s that special time again- one month of non-stop soccer action. All I’ll say is, may the best team lift the trophy in Brazil.  Although this post draws on the beautiful game, it’s lessons reach far deeper as we import timeless principles from the world of sports to improve our personal affairs. Happy reading!

super fans

“Which fan you be sef?” Emeka asked “or you  nor be football person?”

“I used to be an Arsenal fan o; but that was many, many years ago. Now I just watch for fun”

We got talking about the subject of fanatical fans and how some guys, sometimes girls! (nah…I’m kidding) seriously take their passion for the ‘beautiful game’ to uncomfortable extremes. Tale after tale of some bizarre action by overzealous fans followed. The conclusion was obvious- although football is quite a passionate sport, it’s never worth crazy behavior nor fanatical support.

I find it interesting to watch fans of opposing teams discuss football; you’d think they get paid for their services! Impeccable facts from 10 seasons back are called up with impressive accuracy to buttress forcefully projected points. But what do fans really gain? What substantial benefit does he (or she) obtain at the end of the day? Almost nothing- but that’s just my opinion anyway.

Importing this into our personal lives, I’m asking myself, “In the game of life, am I being a fan or a player?” Am I making contributions or celebrating and analyzing the activities of others? It’s easy to sit back and criticize what others have done and point out how they could have done it better, but of what benefit is that to us? Life’s a game- a serious one none the less. And like every other game, fans don’t get paid. They pay to watch, they pay to cheer, and they even pay to criticize. Life’s best rewards and biggest gains are reserved for the players.

I’ve learned a very important personal lesson: three words that guarantee incredible speed towards personal success- Mind. Your. Business. In a soccer stadium, 50,000 fans fill the stands to watch just 22 guys- that’s a ratio of over 2,000 fans for each player! Are you a fan or a player? Are you sitting in the stands or active on the field?

Paul also had some advice for us:

“…make it your ambition and definite endeavour…to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we charged you”

1 Thessalonians 4:11 (The Amplified Bible)

It’s okay to celebrate others- I do too. But never to the point of forgetting ‘business’. Look at your beautiful life today, and determine to be a committed player.

So, am I a super fan? No thanks, I’d rather be a super player *searching* Now where did I leave my boots?

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P.S: For some eye candy, I’ve decided to share a few photos of ‘interesting’ fans.

super fans 3

super fans 1

super fans 4

super fans 5

super fans 6

super fans 7

super fans 8

super fans 9

super fans 10

super fans 11

super fans 13

And YOU thought you’re passionate. Go play your ‘game’.


4 thoughts on “Super Fans???

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  1. I’m so inspired again and again as usual by this pieces! Thank God I’m been watched in my own field, a little fan though.


    1. Happy to know you’re playing your ‘game’ morakz…think a lil’ watching of others isn’t so bad, you could pick up some skills to up your game…play on!


    1. Hey thewayniac, I had to smile about the Tottenham thing…who knows? Next season might just be your big break. Enjoy the World Cup- I know I will!


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